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updated: April 22, 2019: Layout 5-03  /  May 20, 2019: Layout 5-04

American Layouts

(many Layout Builders are Members of the American Railroadfans in Switzerland)

Part 1 = Z / Part 2 = N / Part 3 = HOn3 / Part 4 = HO / Part 5 = O / Part 6 = On30 & On3 / Part 7 = G

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Part 1: Z Scale = 1:220

 Layout No. 1-01

Z Scale 1:220

Indian Valley

by Patrik Siegfried


updated: 12/20/14

See all 58 Photos and 5 Films
click here

 Layout No. 1-02

Z Scale 1:220

New Indian Valley

by Patrik Siegfried


updated: 2/09/19

See first 76 Photos  -  click here


Part 2: N Scale = 1:160

Layout No. 2

N Scale 1:160

Santa Fe Mojave Terminal

by Eugen Hänseler


updated: 1/18/18
Engine Servicing Facility - 609 See all 166 Photos - click here Joshua Trees and Diesel Shop - 610


Part 3: HOn3 Scale = 1:87 (Narrow Gauge)

Layout No. 3-01

HOn3 Scale 1:87
White Pass & Yukon Railway
by Dieter Stehli

A new project under construction,
started in Aug 2013 and ended in Nov 2016

Photos: click here

updated: 5/20/17

 Layout No. 3-02

HO/HOn3 Scale
LCH - New Layout
Center Hinwil

by private people

updated: 9/29/18
HOn3 Layout (D. Stehli) - DS-18 See all 6 Pages - click here HO Layout (H. Schindler/A. Ilg) - HS-35


Part 4: HO Scale = 1:87

Layout No. 4-01

HO Scale 1:87
RRCRR - Red Rock
Canyon Rail Road

Bei dieser Anlage wurde ein Teil der
Modulanlage der RR-Fans integriert.

by private people
Milwaukee Little Joe Electric (Photo by RRCRR) See their own website - click here RDC Excursion Train (Photo by RRCRR)

 Layout No. 4-02

HO Scale 1:87
ZEA - Zofinger

by private people
(Club Members)
Heavy Train Action (Photo by ZEA) See their own website - click here AT&SF, BN, BNSF Loco Parade (Photo by ZEA)

 Layout No. 4-03

HO Scale 1:87
Mojave Desert Layout
Werner Enterprises Terminal
and Cajon Pass

by Werner Meer


updated: 2/19/17
Mormon Rocks & Hwy 138 - 2963 See all 23 Pages - click here Werner Enterprises Terminal - 1180

  Layout No. 4-04

HO Scale 1:87
Caliente Subdivision
in Nevada

by Werni Lang


updated: 5/13/18
Upper and lower tracks are busy - 218 See all 60 Photos - click here E9 & E8 diesels and FEF-3 steam line up - 271

Layout No. 4-05

HO Scale 1:87
Big Boy in Action 2012

by Kim Nipkow

inkl. Loki Reportage

updated: 11/26/15
UP Big Boy 4-8-8-4 see all 9 photos - click here UP Diesel on scratch built Trestle

Layout No. 4-06

HO Scale 1:87
Modern UP/BNSF
based in Central Texas

by Per Lausern, USA
owner of Summit USA

new video 2/18:

updated: 2018
Waycross US79 (Photo by P. Lausern) See his own website - click here Waycross Mall Area (Photo by P. Lausern)

Layout No. 4-07

HO Scale 1:87
Union Pacific's Daneville

by Pelle Soeborg, Denmark


updated: 2013
Daneville looking West (Photo by P. Soeborg) See his own website - click here The Mojave Desert (Photo by P. Soeborg)

Layout No. 4-08

HO Scale 1:87
High Desert and
Sierra RR

by Stefan Wagner


updated: 2013
Shops: Sanding & Fueling (Photo by S. Wagner) See his own website - click here SP Train is leaving Town (Photo by S. Wagner)

Layout No. 4-09

HO Scale 1:87
Great Northern

by Paul Kolb


updated: 3/22/2015
Izaak Walton Inn (looking West) - 939 See both layouts - click here Izaak Walton Inn (looking East) - 937

Layout No. 4-10

HO Scale 1:87
Golden Fifties

by Reto Frick

updated: 4/08/12
AT&SF FT's with Coal Train See his own website - click here AT&SF F7 Warbonnets with Super Chief

Layout No. 4-11

HO Scale 1:87
Winter at
Donner Pass

by Alexander von Orelli


updated: 9/03/15
Diesel and Steam Power on Donner Pass See first 32 Photos - click here Rio Grande Ski Train is ready

Layout No. 4-12

HO Scale 1:87
AleMar Anlagen

by Alexander von Orelli
and Markus Senn


updated: 12/08/14
Anlagenteil Markus Senn See all 330 Photos - click here Anlagenteil Alexander von Orelli

Layout No. 4-13

NMRA Convention 2011
Train Show

HO Layout

by Werner Meer
July 9, 2011

Updated: 8/03/11
WM 7/09/11 HO Modular Layout - 6196 See all 75 photos - click here WM 7/09/11 Gulf Western from Texas - 6223


Part 5: O Scale = 1:48

Layout No. 5-01

O Scale 1:48
The Bay Shore Line

by Günther Holzgang

Updated: 11/15/18
2/25/13 SP-Daylight GS-4 -  BSL-005 See all 10 pages - click here 2/25/13 SP Cab Forward -  BSL-002

Layout No. 5-02

O Scale 1:48
Orange Empire
AT&SF and SP

by Jürg Lütscher

Updated: 1/14/19
SP Daylight Steam and Diesel Locos - 0011 See all 10 pages - click here AT&SF EMD and ALCO Diesel Locos - 1152

Layout No. 5-03

O Scale 1:48
Switch Game

by Paul Dell Ava

Updated: 4/22/19
Left side of layout  -  PDA-01 See all photos & videos - click here right side of layout  -  PDA-02

Layout No. 5-04

O Scale 1:48
Big City


by Sandro Arianna


Updated: 5/20/19
Spectacular City Scenery - 280 See all 330 photos - click here lots of bridges in the city - 104


Part 6: On30 Scale and On3 Scale = 1:48 (Narrow Gauge)

Layout No. 6-01

On30 Scale 1:48
Narrow Gauge
Turtle Creek Central

by Paul Dell Ava

dated: 5/17/15
Turtle Creek Central on 2 Levels - 824 See all 58 photos - click here Turtle Creek Central on 2 Levels - 821

Layout No. 6-02

Narrow Gauge
Layouts and Dioramas

Website hosted by
Dani Hunziker

updated: 2013
On3 Layout (Photo by D. Hunziker) See all Layouts - click here On30 Layout (Photo by D. Hunziker)


Part 7: G Scale = 1:29

Layout No. 7-01

G Scale 1:29
Dreams on Wheels

by Franco Rossi

updated: 10/26/12
Inside AT&SF Shops See all 40 photos - click here Inside AT&SF Shops
new website by Franco Rossi (updated weekly)  -

Layout No. 7-02

G Scale 1:29
Steam in the West
and Moose Creek Line

by Urs Weibel

updated: 1/21/13
Outdoor Layout see all 18 photos - click here Scratch Built Bridge


Part 8: F Scale = 1:20,3 (Narrow Gauge)

Layout No. 8

F Scale 1:20,3
Logging Layout

by Dani Wehrli

updated: 9/08/12
  See all 84 Photos - click here  


Part 9: Different Scales

All 47 layouts of the 15th Convention

15th and Final
Convention 2012
American Railroadfans
in Switzerland

updated: 12/11/12
Logo of the 15th Convention by J. Lütscher See all 47 Layouts - click here CV-Guide Cover in Wood by E. Kathriner

ALCA = American Layoutcenter Adliswil

HO/HOn3/On3 Scale
ALCA - Former
American Layoutcenter

by American Railroadfans
in Switzerland

updated: 11/25/07
Logo of the American Layoutcenter Adliswil - 01 See all 22 Photos - click here HO Layout of the American Railroadfans - 11

Diorama Collection (see below)

N/HO/O Scale

26 American Dioramas

located in Switzerland

updated: 2/22/19

click here

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