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updated / added: 10/16
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HO Scale: Sullivan's Curve by Bernard Frontanau (France)
This outstanding Sullivan's Curve Diorama was built back in 1992. The radius in the curve is 110 cm.
It reflects the god old days before 1966 as Southern Pacific built their Colton - Palmdale cutoff. In other words, it is single track around the curve of Santa Fe with trackage rights of Union Pacific.
Please read additional information at the end of this page - just scroll down!
Part 1 = finished Diorama  /  Part 2 = construction of the Diorama  /  Part 3 = the real Curve as it looks today


Part 1 = the finished diorama in 2016
Overview of famous rock formations named after photographer, Herb Sullivan - 7658
a Santa Fe EB train is passing the curve - 7561 very realistic landscaping (real or scale) - 7564
dirt road for access to tracks -  5519 7540
7136 5514
7809 7771
7573 6931
7736 7765
7763 7532
8285 7734

 Photos copyright by Bernard Frontanau

HO Scale: Sullivan's Curve by Bernard Frontanau (France)
Convention presentations
This outstanding Sullivan's Curve Diorama was presented at the 8th Convention for American Railroadfans in Switzerland in October 1994. We were pleased as Bernard Frontanau presented his "one of a kind" masterpiece again at the 10th Jubilee Convention in 1998. Within these 4 years, it was completly detailed as you can see above.


HO Scale: Sullivan's Curve by Bernard Frontanau (France) - Part 2
The construction - how to do
It all started with Herb Sullivan, and others' photos in the late Chard Walker book, "Cajon, rail passage to the pacific".
That led me to draw plans and sketches for my diorama. The original 10° curve translated to 195 cm radius in HO ! Using selective compression, I found a radius of 110 cm to be impressive enough. I built 4 portable modules to compose the diorama.
My first drawing of the curve. The center module holds the famous rock formations - 8310 The foundation is an "open grid" of 2 x 4 cm. On top glued layers of styrofoam are roughly shaped to build the terrain contours. This is the main module. - 8312
Plaster carving is on its way. - 8313 Plaster work done. - 8314
Adding ground cover . . . . - 8316 . . . . and vegetation. - 8319
The main module is completed, still to come: track and ballast. - 8337 The wooden grid for the module west (left) of the main one.
 - 8323
Track support (18 mm plywood) and contours (10 mm plywood) added. - 8326 Again the terrain is built with styrofoam and shaped with a wood rasp to match the wooden contours. In this case I used tough cardboard for the slopes, it could be made with styrofoam.  - 8327
Ground cover (different sizes of sifted sand)  . . . - 8329 . . . . and vegetation added. - 8332
At the foreground the east (right) module is on its way. On the left the start of the small module that will support a rock formation is visible - 8333 The small module almost done. - 8334
Styrofoam stage of right module. - 8339 Installing code 83 flextrack with progressive superelevation. - 8340

Photos copyright by Bernard Frontanau

Sullivan's Curve - the real thing (2010 to 2014) - Part 3
May 2010 taken from the air already with BNSF third Main Track in service by W. Meer
May 2010 We are standing near the UP Track incl. Canyon siding (below are BNSF tracks) by W. Meer
June 2011 from left: BNSF MT-2, MT-1 and above UP track w/Canyon siding by W. Meer
May 2013 The Rocks rest in piece as there is no train around by E. Hänseler
December 2014 BNSF EB Cristmas Train on BNSF MT-1 going uphill by G. Trüb
May 2013 as seen from the left side. Below BNSF MT-2, MT-1 and above UP track w/Canyon siding by E. Hänseler
May 2012 UP SB on former SP track by M. Frei May 2012 Two BNSF intermodal trains by M. Frei

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