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added: February 19, 2017

HO Scale Desert Layout Project  -  23/23
 Special Vehicles on the Road
See 12 photos of the latest project taken on February 19, 2017
A damaged BNSF Dash8-40BW Diesel Loco was loaded on a special heavy duty flat bed trailer with 16 axles.
This loco was re-created from pictures of a real accident, custom built by Martin Kolb (Switzerland) - 3306

Photos 3306 - 3317, taken on 2/19/17 (just click on the 4-digit number for bigger size photos)
As usual, I am taking a huge amount of photos from a scene to show a lot of different views.

Heavy load on the road
This flat bed trailer is based on a Herpa Mercedes Tractor with Goldhofer Trailers. It is an expandable system. Each Goldhofer unit has 4 axles. So, the basic set had 3 units with a total of 12 axles. But it was too short for the BNSF loco. Therefore, I added a 4th unit which brings the flat bed trailer to a total usable length of 27,5 cm. BTW: When I ordered the original Tractor/Trailer set it was specified with a total length of 38,5 cm and I figured, the trailer would be long enough for the loco. When I measured the model, it was just 30,5 cm long (Truck/Trailer) !! Guess what? The written 38,5 cm was the length of the model box and not the model itself !! - 3307
I replaced the Mercedes tractor by an American model  - 3308 I mounted a piece of track on the flat bed - 3309
The engine is not secured with chains, yet - 3310 the fire damaged the whole cab - 3311
total lenght incl. the tractor is 39,0 cm - 3312
I sure ordered some chains to secure the loco on the trailer. This loco was a Walthers Trainline Dash8-40BW. - 3313
 - 3314  - 3315
This special heavy load transportation fits perfect on my layout - 3316
Just after the heavy load comes the Trainmaster truck with another load of Railroad Models - 3317


Photos of the real (damaged) BNSF Dash8-40BW # 519
All photos and information copyright by Scott Ikemeyer (see also here: )
NIOTA, Ill. (AP) -- Residents of this Mississippi River community and the town of Fort Madison, Iowa are back in their homes after they were forced to evacuate for several hours after two freight trains collided and one caught fire.
A Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp. freight train was apparently switching tracks when it derailed an collided with the second train, according to Fort Madison Assistant Fire Chief Dale Clark.
Crews from both trains jumped free before the crash late Friday, paramedic Jesse Juarez said. No injuries were reported.
Diesel fuel from one of the damaged engines ignited, sending billowing black smoke over parts of Fort Madison, prompting the evacuation of about 100 nearby homes, Clark said.
The entire small town of Niota was evacuated as a precaution. Residents in both towns were allowed back to their homes just after 11 p.m. A billowing cloud of black smoke could be seen for about 20 miles before sunset, and firefighters needed almost four hours to control the blaze. More than a half-dozen fire departments from Illinois and Iowa battled the fire, but their efforts were hampered by a lack of hydrants in the rural area. Pumper trucks filled tankers with river water and other tankers brought water from Niota, Clark said.
Further complicating efforts, one of the trains was blocking the only crossing that allows easy access to the fire.
The bridge over the Mississippi between Niota and Fort Madison was closed to traffic, forcing motorists to detour about 15 miles south to Keokuk, Iowa, or about 22 miles north to Burlington, Iowa. Officials expected the bridge to reopen by early Saturday morning.
The fire continued to smolder under the wreckage, which was being monitored by volunteer fire brigades early Saturday, Clark said. Water continued to be poured on the debris as railroad workers began efforts to clear the tracks of damaged rail cars.
With the same accident there was also a EMD GP60M # 101 damaged.
Please note: All photos copyright by QStation, Scott Ikemeyer - see here:


Another "important" company got his own truck/trailer
Not only Foose Design got a truck, but also Trainmaster of Switzerland - 2441
In the meantime, the trailer came back from the car wrapping specialist, who mounted red and blue stripes on both sides.
they got a new tractor to match the striping - 2543 the other side is not exactly the same layout - 2544
the trailer outfit got the DNA of the minivan - 2545 for sure similarities with the real thing (below) - 2546
In real life, Trainmaster is having a minivan to match the model trailer (corporate identity), more photos of this van - click here
modified Town & Country with Cadillac lettering - 218C probably the only Cadillac Minivan worldwide - 228C


On my layout, Foose Design got a special Trailer to attend the 2015 SEMA Show in Las Vegas.
A special Foose Design Truck with Foose Design Logo, SEMA Logo and Impostor (1965 Chevy Impala) poster. - 2426
I was very lucky because I was able to meet Chip Foose back in Fall of 2015. I visitted the Foose Design Garage in Huntington Beach, CA and met Chip in person. I was really overwhelmed to meet a real gentleman. Even he was busy in preparing for he SEMA Show, he took his time talking to me and signing something for me. And during the SEMA Show, I was able to meet him again. I said, "I am sorry to disturb again" and he said, "not at all, nice to see you again". We had a good talk, he signed a poster of the Impostor (1965 Chevy Impala) and we took photos together. I only can tell, it was a wonderful experience to meet such a great person again. On top it was a great honour - thank you Chip.
Impostor (Ridler Award Winner 2015) design by Chip Foose - 2439 Chip Foose and Werner Meer at 2015 SEMA - 2440
Copyright of Foose Design Logos and Foose lettering by Foose Design Huntington Beach, CA.  Web Site:


Trucks and other vehicles for Werner Enterprises


The first Werner Ent. Trucks made by Pitsch Allneider (see them all): click here


New 2/14/08: Werner Enterprises Diorama with new WE Truck Fleet - click here


New 9/09: Werner Enterprises HO Diorama made for the 14th Convention - click here


Werner Diesel Locomotive in HO Scale
Die grosse Transportfirma "Werner Enterprises" mit Sitz in Omaha, NE (USA) ist eine der 5 Grossen in den USA. Da mein Vornamen "Werner" ist, habe ich eine Athearn (Blue Box) GE AMD-103 zu meiner persönlichen Lok gemacht. Die Lok wurde von Ferdinand Rat gespritzt und mit Werner Ent. Decals von A-Line beschriftet. Mehr Bilder von dieser Lok: click here
Werner Enterprises (WE) is a big trucking company founded by Clarence L. Werner in 1956 and based in Omaha, NE.
With 7'200 Trucks (Tractors), 25'000 Trailers and 14'000 employees, WE is one of the five largest truck carriers in the U.S.
WE is using the railroads for TOFC service, which can be seen over Cajon Pass as well.
Direct link to Werner Enterprises: click here
Last but not least, the host of this website, Werner Meer, feels somehow familiar with WE because his first name is Werner.


2/12/16: Trains are rolling:
1/29/16: Cab Ride 1:
1/29/16: Cab Ride 2:
12/15/15: Test movie 1 of my layout:
Test movie 2:
Test Movie 3:
all movies made by Martin Raemy
Technical Data of my Layout:
Size: 4,5 x 6,5 m (13,5 x 19,5 feet), Era: Modern, Location: Southern California in the Mojave Desert (Cajon Pass), Layout Style: unconventional, in house along the walls, 2 swing up bridges, 1 lift out bridge, double track, min. radius 104 cm (41 inch), max. grade 1,5 %, Track: Atlas flextrack code 100, Turnouts: Peco code 100, Power: conventional DC with electrical feeders every 2 m, Mainline: 32 m (96 feet), Height: 93 cm (36,5 inch)
Overview of the layout (each square is 0,5 m)

   I started with my layout in late December 2007 and it was finally finshed in late September 2015.
In the meantime, I made some detailing with city signs, billboards, figures, vehicles etc.
Thank you for your interest in my Mojave Desert Layout - Werner Meer

Page 22 - New 11/17/16:  Part 6 - The latest model from Scale Trains in action - click here  Page 22


Page 21 - New 10/30/16:  Part 5 - Trains are rolling - Union Pacific and Santa Fe trains in action - click here  Page 21


Page 20 - New 5/29/16:  Part 4 - Werner Enterprises got 53' Containers for Werner Global Logistics - click here  Page 20


Page 19 - New 4/08/16:  Part 3 - The Layout is getting alive with lots of Details - click here  Page 19


Page 18 - New 2/26/16:  Part 2 - West Tunnels, WSI, Hill 582, Mormon Rocks, Flyover - click here  Page 18


Page 17 - New 2/20/16:  Part 1 - Percyville incl. Extension, Werner Enterprises, East Tunnels - click here  Page 17


Page 16 - New 12/27/15:  Take a Tour on the Percyville Terminal of Werner Enterprises - click here  Page 16


Page 15 - New 11/19/15:  Take a Tour on the finished layout - click here  Page 15


Page 14 - New 9/29/15:  Landscaping Cajon Pass - Hill 582 - finished - click here  Page 14


Page 13 - New 7/27/15: Landscaping Cajon Pass - finished but w/o Hill 582 - click here  Page 13


Page 12 - New 5/10/15: The City of Percyville (3) - Extension is finished - click here  Page 12


Page 11 - New 3/26/14: The City of Percyville (2) - (with main street) is finished - click here  Page 11


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