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added: December 24, 2013  /  updated:  January 3, 2014, January 9, 2014 and January 29, 2014

HO Scale Desert Layout Project  -  10/22
City of Percyville - Part 1
Long time ago, I put several buildings along main street to create the City of Percyville (the name is in memory of my "layout cat" Percy). First pictures of Percyville can be seen on page 5  click here starting with photo 469. This was the first arrangement and at a later time, I made some changes, see page 8  click here starting with photo 745.

Photos 912 - 1083, starting 12/24/13 and ending 1/29/14
(just click on the 3- or 4-digit number for bigger size photos)

12/24/13 - It is Christmas Eve and I took pictures the way it looks, today.
But there will be big changes coming to the City of Percyville because I had a "once-in-a-lifetime" opportunity to buy 4 buildings of Pelle Soeeborg's layout "Daneville". These buildings are exact replicas of the real structures in the town of Mojave, CA. Take a look - click here
The photos of the current arrangement were taken from left to right
West Coast Customs and Foose Design - 912 probably, WCC / Foose may be moved - 913
High Desert Cadillac - 914 McDonald's Restaurant (will be moved)  - 915
Taco Bell Restaurant (will be moved)  - 916 Pizza Hut Restaurant (may stay at the same location) - 917
Denny's Restaurant (will be removed) - 918 Super 8 Motel (old location) - 919
Truckstop Restaurant (will be removed) - 920 Werner Enterprises Terminal (will remain) - 921


12/24/13 - For a better overview - I took always two buildings together
Again, we start from the left side.
West Coast Customes / Foose Design and Cadillac Dealer  - 922 High Desert Cadillac and McDonald's - 923
McDonald's and Taco Bell - 924 Taco Bell and Pizza Hut - 925
Pizza Hut and Denny's - 926 Denny's and Super 8 Motel - 927
Super 8 Motel and Truckstop - 928 Truckstop and Werner Enterprises - 929


Denny's, KFC
ARCO Gas Station
Best Deal Auto
in HO Scale

Built by Pelle Soeeborg, Denmark

Updated: 12/20/13

See all photos - click here


12/24/13 - Rearrangement with new buildings: ARCO, Denny's, KFC and relocation of old buildings
Well, this requires some big changes because Pelle's structures are backdrop buildings and have to be placed against the backdrop/wall. But all my other buildings are full size and a mix would be difficult. The space between main street and the wall is 33 cm. The new buildings are just 15 cm deep (incl. walkways). I will try to make a service road along the walkways (approx. 9 cm). Now, there would be a space of 9 cm left, walkway along main street is 2 cm and the rest (7 cm) could be used for parkings of cars (90 ° to main street and service road).
I made cardboard templates of ARCO, . .   - 930 . .  Denny's and KFC to see the space requirements - 931
some cars are already parked on the new parkings - 932 Cadlillac Dealer was moved to the left and WCC/Foose removed - 933
I also removed McDonald's and Taco Bell - 934 935
Cadillac, ARCO Gas Station , Denny's - 936 Denny's and KFC - 937
Cadillac Dealer (building not completed) - 938 ARCO Gas Station, Service Road, new Parkings - 939
Denny's - 940 Denny's and KFC, Service Road, new Parkings - 941
942 943
944 945
946 947
to get an idea about the service road and parkings - 948 connecting street from main street - 949
950 951
952 953
Pizza Hut is still at the same location - 954 Taco Bell replaced my "old" Denny's Restaurant - 955
Pizza Hut and Taco Bell - 956 Taco Bell and Super 8 Motel (before ist was moved to the far left) - 957
McDonald's found a new home and Truckstop was removed - 958 behind McDo is Werner Enterprises - 959
this McDo has full interior with people - 960 ground level photos look always realistic - 961
Next version: I removed the Cadillac Dealer and replaced it by the Super 8 Motel. I am not sure if this would be the better solution?
left side is now occupied with the Super 8 Motel - 962 this combination does not look bad - 963
looking down "new" Percyville - 964 965
966 3 new buildings in a row - 967
Overview with new buildings, new service road and new parkings between service road and main street - 968


Here are photos of the real buildings
(ARCO, Denny's, KFC) as located
in Mojave, CA

click here

These 3 buildings on my layout
were built by Pelle Soeeborg.


12/27/13 - Relocate Taco Bell, Cadillac Dealer and West Coast Customs / Foose Design

For placing the new buildings (ARCO, Denny's and KFC), I had to find a solution for some of the "old" buildings. A) Pizza Hut was moved back to the wall (backdrop), B) Taco Bell was turned 90 ° and also moved to the back, C) the Cadillac Dealer was placed next to Taco Bell and D) the WCC/Foose building was cut (shortend from 21 cm down to 9 cm). Now, all buildings correspond with the 3 new ones to be realistic. In addition, we are having a service road for the different businesses, like a business loop in real life.

Taco Bell was turned by 90 ° and Cadillac was placed to the right - 969 2 different car businesses side by side - 970
Pizza Hut will be next to the new KFC with Parking in front - 971 Taco Bell was turned and has also parkings up front - 972
The Cadillac Dealer found a place next to the industrial area - 973 The new size WCC/Foose building fills the last gap - 974
Taco Bell and Cadillac do not disturb each other - 975 if you want to customize your Cadillac - just go to WCC or Foose  - 976
the walkway from KFC will continue to Pizza Hut - 977 Taco Bell got its own walkways (not painted yet) - 978
a concrete floor is just right for the car businesses - 979 the best car designs are done inside here - 980
from Taco Bell - 981 to Cadillac - 982 and West Coast Customs / Foose Design - 983


1/03/14 - Between Christmas and New Year the Crew was working hard in making roads, parkings, walkways and signs.
As all buildings found their final place in Percyville, the time has come to build a road sign for every business along main street. It took me a while to find a proper solution. Of course, there is nothing on the market and I had to scratchbuild all of them.
The sign is made out of balsa wood as it can easy be cut with a hobby nife. The wooden sign will be covered with thin styrene on both sides and painted as necessary. Afterwards, the logos will be glued on top. I printed the logos from the internet.
the balsa wood is 4 mm because the post is also 4 mm - 984 the printed logos will be pasted over the styrene - 985
Super 8/ARCO/ampm and Foose/West Coast Customs are combined - 986 KFC and Denny's had their signs at the building but got one along main - 987
 I wanted to have a removable sign for better access. So, I used an aluminium tube as a post to mount on the ground. The post itself is also round aluminium that fits perfect inside the base tube.
base tube, post and sign - 988  /  base tube (diameter = 6 mm) - 989  /  the alu post (4 mm) will go into the base tube and the sign goes on top - 990
main post is slided into the base tube - 991 pre fab sign is slided on the tube - 992
Please note: All posts are exactly vertical even it seems to be not straight because all photos were taken with a wide angle lens ! !
the Cadillac signs is bigger than the Taco Bell sign - 993 Pizza Hut sign is just on the parking - 994
KFC got a bigger sign along main street - 995 the visability of the signs is very well - 996
there is a new parking lot across the service road - 997 also Denny's got a bigger sign along main - 998
another new parking lot across Denny's - 999 I made a combined sign for Super 8 Motel and ARCO Gas Station - 1000
now, we look down main street to get . .  - 1001 . . an idea how it looks from the other side - 1002
between KFC and Pizza Hut the service road was relocated . . - 1003 . . from inside closer to main street - 1004
the City of Percyville is using yellow gravel for the surroundings - 1005 the car business are next to each other - 1006
Foose Design by famous designer Chip Foose - 1007 McDonalds got a drive thru access road - 1008
I am satisfied with this location of MacDo, . . - 1009 . . because it did not fit at the original location - 1010
the yellow gravel fits perfect to the yellow arches - 1011 the Cadillac Escalades will go to the Cadillac Dealer - 1012
because the building has an elevated drive thru, I had  . . - 1013 . . to build ramps on both sides - 1014
we make a short tour looking West from MacDo - 1015 Foose/WCC, Cadillac - 1016
Cadillac, Taco Bell - 1017 Taco Bell, Pizza Hut - 1018
it looks like the real thing even there is no traffic on main street - 1019 I had to create a connection between KFC and Pizza Hut - 1020
there are handicapped parkings next to the entrance - 1021 I continued the walkway coming from KFC - 1022
Taco Bell got a foundation with parkings in front - 1023 every restaurant needs handicapped parkings - 1024
the logos on the buildings are still missing - 1025 West Coast Customs is in the same building as Foose Design - 1026
Next step will be the road markings of the service road and the main street as well. Plus there will be RR-X-ing sings for the Werner Enterpises spur.


1/09/14 - After all, Cadillac and Foose/WCC buildings are finished and main steet got markings and a RR-X-ing.
The Cadillac Dealer got a name: "Cadillac of Percyville" and the building is finished with the entrance (logos and lettering). At the same time, Foose Design and West Coast Customs got signs on the roof and lettering in front. Both car businesses are ready for operation.
Main street got white and yellow lines and the RR-X-ing signs and signals.
Percyville got a Cadillac dealership - 1027 the basic building is a kit from Faller (Car center) - 1028
I used just the main building w/o shops - 1029 the roof panels (scratch built) are made of wood and painted black - 1030
the lettering was made on the computer - 1031 at the end I got a nice model for my modern layout - 1032
as usual, I made several photos of different angles . . - 1033 . .  to get an idea how it looks from all sides - 1034
looking West: main street with road markings and RR-X-ing - 1035 1036
looking East - 1037 the Cadillac models are made by NEO and Ricko - 1038
Foose Design is actually located in Huntington Beach, CA - 1039 Chip Foose is an excellent car designer - 1040
Foose Design Website:  - 1041 West Coast Customs is actually loacted in Corona, CA - 1042
WCC Website:   - 1043 but on my layout, both companies are in the same building - 1044
main street with RR-X-ing looking East - 1045 looking West with Werner Ent. siding and car businesses - 1046
Now, the City of Percyville is coming alive for travellers and local people as well. Maybe, you are looking for a Cadillac (new or used) or need a customized car from top designer Chip Foose or want a special conversion from Ryan Friedlinghaus of WCC?


1/29/14 - The last building of Percyville will be placed just above the road bridges
Originally, this "THRU-WAY TRUCK STOP" Restaurant was sitting next to the Werner Enterprises siding. See photos 920 and 929 on this page (above). I finally decided to use it but not as a Truck Stop anymore, otherwise I would need a huge parking for the trucks, but as a customized "Coffe Shop" called: HIGH DESERT COUNTRY CAFE".
I made a base (foundation) with a piece of cardboard (2 mm). The walkways are painted with Woodland Scencis "Concrete" (Top Coat Road Systems). The separation of the concrete was scarved with a tool (not nife). After painting, the scraving was done again.
On many buildings we can either find grass or gravel around the structure itself. I made the surroundings with styrene strips 1,5 x 2,5 mm. These were glued on the base. The base gives the advantage of placing the complete building on the layout and if needed, can easily be removed.
Base size is 230 x 170 mm - 1048 Front does not have a walkway because of parkings - 1049
left side is the exit - 1050 right corner is the entrance - 1051
Now, the structure was placed to see if everything was correct. I noticed that the walkway of the entrance was not painted up to the door.
left side with exit - 1052 right rear door for employee's access - 1053
rear door is for food delivery - 1054 right side with entrance - 1055
Once the structure was glued on the base, I could fill the surroundings with gray gravel. The gravel was glued with a 50/50 water and white glue mixture with a "pipette".
gravel is filled into the surroundings - 1056 1057
1058 1059
And at the end we planted bloomig bushes in 3 different colors. The lettering "HIGH DESERT COUNTRY CAFE" was made on the computer.
I was even able to use the "old" orange lettering as a base for the "new" name and it got a line above and below, matching to the sunshade.
the finished "gardening" looks like real - 1061 1062
1063 1064
1065 1066
This is the location for the HIGH DESERT COUNTRY CAFE just above the road bridges.
the whole area is based on styrofoam, wood and cardboard - 1067 the space for the building incl. parking is gray cardboard - 1068
parking markings are done with 1,5 mm tape - 1069 the structure was placed at the correct location - 1070
the handicapped logo is still missing - 1071 the 3 parkings at the corner are not marked yet - 1072
the fences are not mounted yet - 1073 next step will be glueing of the parking lot  base - 1074
weight is holding the fresh glued parking lot base - 1075 finished with fence, people and handicapped sign - 1076
main street is along the double track - 1077 close up of the finished scene - 1083
One more thing is missing: The road sign near the upper bridge just at the driveway. It will be made the same way as those done in Percyville.
Much more photos of our latest buildings from every angle can be seen on page 11 "Percyville - 2" - click here


Technical Data of my Layout:
Size: 4,5 x 6,5 m (13,5 x 19,5 feet), Era: Modern, Location: Southern California in the Mojave Desert (Cajon Pass), Layout Style: unconventional, in house along the walls, 2 swing up bridges, 1 lift out bridge, double track, min. radius 104 cm (41 inch), max. grade 1,5 %, Track: Atlas flextrack code 100, Turnouts: Peco code 100, Power: conventional DC with electrical feeders every 2 m, Mainline: 32 m (96 feet), Height: 93 cm (36,5 inch)
Overview of the layout (each square is 0,5 m)


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Werner Enterprises HO Diorama built for the 14th Convention - click here

Did you see the Werner Ent. Truck Fleet ? - click here

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