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added: March 30, 2016 / updated: April 8, 2016

HO Scale Desert Layout Project  -  19/22
See 216 photos of the finished layout taken on March 24, 2016
 Part 3/2016 - lots of Details
The layout is coming alive with lots of people at different places, plus Billboards, City signs, Road signs, special trailers for Foose Design and Trainmaster, etc.
Inside Office 2: New billboards on the retaining walls with Mormon Rocks in the curve - 2374
I started with my layout in late December 2007 and it was finally finshed in late September 2015.
Some details have been added in March 2016 as you can see on this page.
Thank you for your interest in my Mojave Desert Layout - Werner Meer
2/12/16: Trains are rolling:
1/29/16: Cab Ride 1:
1/29/16: Cab Ride 2:
12/15/15: Test movie 1 of my layout:
Test movie 2:
Test Movie 3:
all movies made by Martin Raemy
Technical Data of my Layout:
Size: 4,5 x 6,5 m (13,5 x 19,5 feet), Era: Modern, Location: Southern California in the Mojave Desert (Cajon Pass), Layout Style: unconventional, in house along the walls, 2 swing up bridges, 1 lift out bridge, double track, min. radius 104 cm (41 inch), max. grade 1,5 %, Track: Atlas flextrack code 100, Turnouts: Peco code 100, Power: conventional DC with electrical feeders every 2 m, Mainline: 32 m (96 feet), Height: 93 cm (36,5 inch)
Overview of the layout (each square is 0,5 m)

Photos 2374 - 2590, taken on 3/24/16 (just click on the 4-digit number for bigger size photos)
As usual, I am taking a huge amount of photos from a scene to show a lot of different views.

Big Billboards are common in the USA
Most businesses are making promotion for their company, like restaurants, gas station, motel, car dealer, car designer, transportation etc.
We are inside office 2 between the flyover and the Mormon Rocks.
These businesses are located in Percyville for gas, food and lodging. The size of this sign is 200 x 35 mm. - 2375
these tall retaining walls are used for billboards - 2376 Percyville is having several car and trucking companies - 2377
with this billboard, people know what to find in Percyville - 2378 I suddenly realized, this is the perfect place for advertisements - 2379
Best Deal Auto is a used car dealer in Percyville - 2380 big billborads can be seen from a far distance - 2381
Foose Design and Cadillac are located in Percyville - 2382 How about winning this Chevy Camaro? - 2383
WE Trailer on Flat is passing the WE advertising - 2384 the billboards are in between lower and upper main lines - 2385
Werner Enterprises is celebrating 60 years in 2016 - 2386 This Cadillac SRX was customized by Chip Foose - 2387
Men at work for the Foose Design billboard - 2388 there are several workers on the scene - 2389
figures and vehicles bring a scene to life - 2390 Men at work with a Hummer H100 - 2391
Please note: The copyright of these logos belong to the respective companies (Werner Enterprises, Foose Designs, etc.)


Percyville is promoting all restaurants, lodging and the gas station to serve all visitors at its best
We are inside office 1 along Route 66 just before the Percyville Extension.
All visitors coming from the East side know already in advance what to expect in Percyville - 2392
This sign is 200 x 35 mm which would be in real life 17,4 x 3,0 m (approx. 57 x 10 feet) - 2393
there is even a Joshua Tree between the road and the main line - 2394
An old Buick Riviera and a modern Cadillac Escalade just passed the sign on Route 66 - 2395
behind the sign are a Santa Fe GP60M and GP60B - 2396 a Werner Enterprises Truck is also on the road - 2397
Santa Fe local is coming from the tunnels (East portal) - 2398 at left is the Percyville Extension - 2399
as usal, there are too many pictures but different angles . . - 2400 . . show different views to get an idea how it looks - 2401


After all, the City of Percyville got their city sign on both sides.
At the East side, next to the Werner Enterprises Terminal is the new City of Percyville sign.
People need to know which City they are going to enter - 2402 almost like the real thing - 2403
the City sign seems to be well integrated - 2404 there is no yellow bow above the sign (McDonald's is behind) - 2405
At the West side, the City of Percyville sign is at the left side of the road because there is not enough space between road and tracks.
at left is the Super 8 Motel of Percyville - 2406 no problem, the visibility of the sign is still good - 2407
Welcome to my own creation of a small City - 2408 overview of Percyville with City sign - 2409


The roads got speed limit signs (No more unlimited speed on my layout)
Speed Limit 50 mph  - 2410 leaving Percyville 45 mph - 2411
Route 66 going toward Cajon and Hwy 138 - 2412 entering the City of Percyville is just 25 mph - 2413
upper level before the intersection - 2414 Route 66 bewteen the tracks - 2415
Road between tracks along the shelf - 2416 at the flyover going downhill with 50 mph - 2417
Route 66 along lower mainlines - 2418 before the curve reduced speed 35 mph - 2419


Werner Enterprises is celebrating their 60th Anniversary in 2016
A 60 Years billboard was mounted on the front of the warehouse. On the other side I mounted a Werner Global Logistics sign.
In real life, Werner was founded 60 years ago - 2420 So, it was a must to create a huge billboard - 2421
the new sign can easy be seen from main street - 2422 the size is 60 x 65 mm (approx. 5,2 x 5,6 m) - 2423
here is the new Werner Global Logistics sign - 2424 2016 reflects 60 years of Werner Trucking - 2425
The copyright of the logos and names belong to Werner Enterprises Inc.  See their web site:


On my layout, Foose Design got a special Trailer to attend the 2015 SEMA Show in Las Vegas.
I was very lucky because I was able to meet Chip Foose back in Fall of 2015. I visitted the Foose Design Garage in Huntington Beach, CA and met Chip in person. I was really overwhelmed to meet a real gentleman. Even he was busy in preparing for he SEMA Show, he took his time talking to me and signing something for me. And during the SEMA Show, I was able to meet him again. I said, "I am sorry to disturb again" and he said, "not at all, nice to see you again". We had a good talk, he signed a poster of the Impostor (1965 Chevy Impala) and we took photos together. I only can tell, it was a wonderful experience to meet such a great person again. On top it was a great honour - thank you Chip.
Impostor (Ridler Award Winner 2015) design by Chip Foose - 2439 Chip Foose and Werner Meer at 2015 SEMA - 2440
Copyright of Foose Design Logos and Foose lettering by Foose Design Huntington Beach, CA.  Web Site:
A special Foose Design Truck with Foose Design Logo, SEMA Logo and Impostor (1965 Chevy Impala) poster. - 2426
my scale model is located in Percyville - 2427 the trailer is loaded and ready for the SEMA - 2428
all logos are on both sides of the trailer - 2429 to be honest, the real truck of Foose design . . - 2430
. . for the 2015 SEMA was black (not white) - 2431 Foose Design is next to Percyville Cadillac - 2432
well, on my layout, I can live my dream . . - 2433 . . of Cadillac, Foose Design, West Coast Customs . . - 2434
. . and Werner Enterprises - 2435 exotic cars are on main street - 2436
only on my layout Foose and WCC are in the same building - 2437 Werner spur is in front of Foose Design garage - 2438
Copyright of Foose Design Logos and Foose lettering by Foose Design Huntington Beach, CA.  Web Site:


Another "important" company got his own truck/trailer
Not only Foose Design got a truck, but also Trainmaster of Switzerland - 2441
the new Trainmaster truck is passing Pizza-Hut - 2442 they are in a rush to deliver the latest models - 2443
well, in Percyville everything is possible ! ! - 2444 maybe the driver will go to Denny's for lunch? - 2445
In the meantime, the trailer came back from the car wrapping specialist, who mounted red and blue stripes on both sides.
they got a new tractor to match the striping - 2543 the other side is not exactly the same layout - 2544
the trailer outfit got the DNA of the minivan - 2545 for sure similarities with the real thing (below) - 2546
In real life, Trainmaster is having a minivan to match the model trailer (corporate identity), more photos of this van - click here
modified Town & Country with Cadillac lettering - 218C probably the only Cadillac Minivan - 228C


People and Vehicles bring a scene to life.
Near the flyover is a Union Pacific MoW (Maintenance of Way) office. It can be reached on the BNSF service road along the upper main.
UP MoW workers are busy  - 2446 just 2 pickup trucks and 3 people bring the scene alive - 2447
on the other side is also a UP worker . . - 2448 . . going to the UP MoW office - 2449
looking from above - 2450 overview toward Mormon Rocks - 2451
along the retaining wall is space for advertising - 2452 the UP locos are on the flyover - 2453
overview from Route 66 (flyover at left) - 2454 3 pickups, 4 people, 2 buildings and a Joshua Tree - 2455
just some small details make more out of a scene - 2456 the UP worker is waving to the loco engineer - 2457
The Coffe Shop is near the flyover at the RR Xing - 2458 The Cadillac convertible got people inside - 2459


People and Vehicles bring a scene to life.
BNSF has a shed and 2 electrical boxes just above Highway 138 next to the Mormon Rocks.
BNSF site from above - 2460 the site is easy accessable on the service road along main - 2461
the BNSF workers are talking to each other - 2462 a small scene with 3 people, 2 pickups and 3 structures - 2463
view toward Mormon Rocks - 2464 view towards flyover - 2465


Hot Dog Stand (Trailer) along Highway 138 and near the Mormon Rocks
A special place for railfans to find some food and beverages near the Mormon Rocks or on the way to Sullivan's Curve or Hill 582.
Highway 138 brings a lot of customers to the Hot Dog Stand - 2466 But it is also common to the railfans - 2467
Instead of going to McDonald's across I-15 . . - 2468 . . people will take a snack at the Hot Dog Stand - 2469
In real ife, Hwy 138 is going to Phelan - 2470 just above the trailer are the BNSF electrical sheds - 2471
a sunny day and everybody is on the road with a convertible - 2472 the Jeep is coming from Hwy 138 and going to Hill 582 - 2473
this site is easy to reach anytime - 2474 nice place to do railfanning (Werner Trailer on Flat) - 2475
different views from different angles (from left) - 2476 (from right side) - 2477
the wide angle of the camera made the trailer slanting - 2478 I think the time has come to get a hot dog and a coke - 2479
view from above - 2480 this vintage T-Bird is leaving the site - 2481
the dog is patiently waiting for his share - 2482 just take away your food and beverages or eat here - 2483
there are always customers coming - 2484 nice place as you can take pictures of passing trains - 2485
rare, a 59' Chevy El Camino - 2486 having fun taking a break and talking to each other - 2487
my version of Hwy 138 is having a curve thru the underpass - 2488 seen from above toward RR Xing - 2489
the Jeep is on the way to Hill 582 - 2490 early 70's Plymouth Cuda in excellent condition - 2491
on my layout, Hwy 138 is coming off Route 66, crossing lower BNSF main tracks and going under upper BNSF main tracks  - 2492


From Highway 138 we are going to Hill 582 and WSI
The access road to the BNSF service road and to Hill 582 and even WSI starts at Highway 138.
on the way to Hill 582 the old pickup truck broke down - 2493 The BNSF SUV of David Miller is on the Hill - 2494
lots of railfans are along the railings . . - 2495 . . and enjoy railfanning - 2496
more railfans are sitting on the benches and tree trunks - 2497 the red pickup truck belongs to Don E. Toles - 2498
there must be at least one Swiss Railfan on the Hill - 2499 Hill 582 is a wonderful place for railfans - 2500
If we continue from Hill 582 toward the West portals of the tunnels, we will reach WSI (West Summit Island)
WSI is between lower and upper main lines - 2501 Railfans are watching trains and taking pictures - 2502
some people are just having fun - 2503 Jerry Shinar is maintaining WSI and put tree trunks - 2504
near the tunnel West portals is an old building with a business and above a small shed
one is sitting on a bench and 4 are working hard - 2505 not clear what kind of business is done here - 2506
everywhere, people are working - 2507 behind is the access road to the tunnels - 2508
the little shed is for MoW crew - 2509 the tunnel portal is just at left - 2510


More little scenes show the difference with vehicles, people and vegetation
inside office 2 along the shelf - 2511 little shed, windmill, car, 2 people - 2512
on Route 66 is a truck with a Nascar racer - 2513 chrome plated tank truck and trailer - 2514
we are now in office 1 with a RR Xing - 2515 there is currently a construction site - 2516
3 bikers are taking a rest - 2517 2 pickups, 1 Jeep, 2 workers and a CAT - 2518
we are now across the Werner Terminal at Joe's house - 2519 Joe's old house is still in use - 2520
blooming Yuccas and a Joshua Tree - 2521 another Joshua Tree with a view to the busy Werner Terminal - 2522
a UP MoW vehicle will soon cross the tracks - 2523 in the middle is the tunnel of the flyover - 2524
close up of a Joshua Tree with a UP vehicle. Very clear, we are in the Mojave Desert. - 2525


The Percyville Extension got a temporary background for shooting these photos
The Percyville Extension shows a lot of things on a small space with one car dealer and 2 restaurants - 2526
a Santa Fe EMD GP60M is passing the RR Xing - 2527 Denny's Restaurant and a used car dealer - 2528
main street is always busy - 2529 Best Deal Auto is having lots of exotic cars for sale - 2530
across Domino's Pizza is even a Hot Rod for sale - 2531 yes, there are a lot of people around - 2532
typical American style small town - 2533 the car dealer has even a Cadillac Sixteen - 2534
left: Denny's Restaurant and Domino's Pizza - 2535 a nice place to find an American muscle car - 2536
overview from above looking over Domino's Pizza - 2537 on Route 66 us a California Highway Patrol car - 2538
rare vehicle, a Cadillac Escalade Stretch Limo - 2539 the Santa Fe diesel fits perfect to the California landscape - 2540
an almost street level view looks quite realistic - 2541 wow, even a Bugatti Veyron is on the road - 2542


The City of Percyville got LED lights and a fence between mainstreet and mainline
So far, Percyville was not very well lighted because of the shadow made by the show cases above. In addition, there is another advantage because I can just light the LED's below the show case and the City is well lighted to get a nice view w/o turning on the spots on the ceiling.
As the mainstreet is very close to the RR tracks, there should be either guard rails or a fence in between. So, I decided to mount a white fence along mainstreet.
for these pictures, I did not use the spots on the ceiling to show the effect of the new LED lights under the showcase - 2547
of course, the front is too dark but I like the effect of the well lighted back of the city - 2548
we are standing at the left side of Percyville looking toward Werner Enterprises at the other end - 2549
this service road is like a business loop . . - 2550 . . and convenient to reach the gas station and restaurants - 2551
Welcome to Percyville - 2552 ARCO Gas Station (the original is in Mojave, CA) - 2553
this KFC is an exact copy of the original in Mojave, CA - 2554 Taco Bell (Kit made by Summit USA) - 2555
the original of this Denny's is also standing in Mojave, CA - 2556 Cadillac of Percyville is a heavy modified kit from Faller - 2557
thanks to the LED's, we have good light from the rear - 2558 Foose Design is the number one car designer - 2559
Joshua Trees and Werner train ready for departure - 2560 Werner Diesel Loco - 2561
the tracks go thru the warehouse - 2562 the Werner spur is just behind McDonald's - 2563
looking from the Werner warehouse - 2564 we are standing on the roof of the Werner warehouse - 2565
the new fence is white and can been seen along main street - 2566 McDonald's with the old fashioned style arches - 2567
Fence and a Ford Mustang - 2568 Fence and two Chevy Corvettes - 2569
Fence and Airstream Trailer - 2570 Fence and School Bus - 2571
Fence and Boat Trailer behind Chrysler 300 - 2572 Fence and Speet Limit Sign fit perfect together - 2573
because of the spur clearence, the fence is ending here - 2574 no more risk for the drivers along main street - 2575


The part on the shelf inside office 2 got LED lights as well
As the part with Route 66 between main track 1 and 2 is located in a shelf, the shelf board above is giving a shadow. Therefore, I mounted a LED band under the board for better lighting.
this part is in a shelf and 4 m long by 0,4 m wide. Route 66 is between the tracks - 2576
in the middle, the double track mainline splits and the road is in between - 2577
 - 2578  - 2579
Nascar race car - 2580 Trainmaster Truck - 2581
Greyhound Bus - 2582 Railroad Crossing - 2583
after the RR Xing, the road is between the tracks - 2584 Route 66 is inviting classic cars like this Lincoln - 2585
Ambulance just passed the RR Xing - 2586 view from above (track - road- track) - 2587
busy traffic on Route 66 - 2588 Werner on the road and on the rails - 2589
The Final Frame: On just 40 cm width can be a lot of action on the scene. Here, the double track splits. - 2590

I started with my layout in late December 2007 and it was finally finshed in late September 2015.
In the meantime, I made some detailing with city signs, Billboards, figures, vehicles etc.
Thank you for your interest in my Mojave Desert Layout - Werner Meer

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Page 14 - New 9/29/15:  Landscaping Cajon Pass - Hill 582 - finished - click here  Page 14


Page 13 - New 7/27/15: Landscaping Cajon Pass - finished but w/o Hill 582 - click here  Page 13


Page 12 - New 5/10/15: The City of Percyville (3) - Extension is finished - click here  Page 12


Page 11 - New 3/26/14: The City of Percyville (2) - (with main street) is finished - click here  Page 11


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