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updated: July 1, 2013

Cajon Pass Sub Photo Collection
2011 - 2013

I am very pleased to show some exclusive photos of these photographers:
Don E. Toles (DET), Gary G. Gray (GGG), Marc Fournier (MF).

A big thank you for sharing these excellent pictures with us.
(COH = Web Cam of the City of Hesperia)
Note: The copyright belongs to these gentlemen. Do not use any photos without written permission.

Ranchero Road Crossing (BNSF Bridge), Hesperia, CA
BNSF Latest Cajon Sub construction Project
This new project will be difficult to explain and even more difficult to photograph however - - - -
The Victor Valley has, for years, had only three legal East/West road crossings of the BNSF RR. With the population growth, any major storm, accident or construction causes tremendous congestion for people driving between Victorville / Hesperia and Apple Valley. The answer is described in the following Hesperia CA Web Site:
The Ranchero Rd extension will require a three track (for a future BNSF 3rd main ???) Railroad bridge. Also, the extension of Ranchero Rd east of the BNSF will require a very large box culvert and 30 feet of fill to raise the road above a major tributary that carries storm runoff to the Mojave River.
So, a one half mile + shoo-fly is being built near THE HESPERIA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (BNSF MP 47-48) to accommodate RR traffic during bridge construction. GGG
March, 2012: BTW, the City of Hesperia has placed two web cams with time lapse capability in the project area. On Camera TWO the pixilated area hides a private residence. Just to the left of the blurred area is the path we use for our photography. (GGG)
September 12, 2012: The First Train was rolling over the new Ranchero Road Bridge - see photos 2592 - 2594.


Ranchero Road Underpass Celebration planned
6/30/13: See the latest photos (2789-2803) of the Grand Opening at the end of this page!
June 10, 2013 7:29 PM  -  From the Victor Valley Daily Press

HESPERIA • For years, Hesperia residents have used the phrase "when pigs fly" as they have responded to news that the Ranchero Underpass would soon break ground. Get set for takeoff.

As part of the city’s 25th anniversary celebration, the City of Hesperia will cut the ribbon on the long-awaited Ranchero Underpass June 29.

During its underpass groundbreaking Aug. 2011, the city used a flying pig theme on its invitations, buttons, pins, decorations and refreshments.
The $27 million underpass project, which was jointly funded through city, regional, state and federal dollars, will connect both sides of Ranchero Road under the Burlington Northern Santa Fe tracks.
Larry McCallon, president of regional transportation authority San Bernardino Associated Governments, said the underpass’ funding includes $10.4 million in regional funds for a project that Hesperia’s city fathers envisioned years ago.
The underpass is the first phase of a planned three-phase Ranchero Road Corridor project.
Construction of the Ranchero Road/Interstate 15 interchange, which broke ground in January, and the future widening of the road from the interchange to the underpass are also part of the multi-phase project.
Jane Dreher, spokeswoman for SANBAG, said the $59 million interchange project is well on its way to a completion date in early 2015.
“Crews have already started clearing the way for work on the ramps, realigned frontage roads and relocating utilities,” Dreher said. “Ramps will be constructed first and will serve as a temporary detour, as necessary, for bridge work over the mainline of the freeway.”
The city will continue to celebrate its anniversary in September, as it partners with the Hesperia Recreation and Park District to celebrate the district’s 65th Annual Hesperia Days festivities.
The grand-opening celebration for the underpass include a 5K walk/run, which begins at 8 a.m. followed by the ribbon cutting at 10 a.m. and classic car parade and children’s activities. For more information, or to register for the free walk/run, please visit

Abbreviations found on this page: EB = East Bound, NB = North Bound, SB = South Bound, WB = West Bound

For bigger size photos - please click on the 4-digit number below each photo (the first letters specify the photographer)..

We start our documentation on November 16, 2011. More photos will be added as the project will proceed. (scroll down)
2011 (from November 16 to December 23)
GGG 11/16/11 edited Google map of the area - 1261 GGG 11/16/11 BNSF 7457 EB showing the shoo-fly to the East of the Main Line - 1262 GGG 11/16/11 UP 7815 EB at MP 48 West end of shoo-fly - 1263
GGG 11/16/11 MP 48 East end of shoo-fly - 1264 GGG 11/16/11 Looking East from the tracks at the extension of Ranchero Rd and the new box culvert - 1265 MF 11/16/11 BNSF 7449 is EB at MP 48 - 1266
12/06/11: Progress is rapidly being made on the Ranchero Rd extension including the BNSF Shoo-fly in Hesperia. One of the major problems is storm water drainage. Hesperia has a long history flooding during our infrequent but very heavy rain storms. Yesterday, Marc and I surveyed the projects progress. Train traffic was very heavy.
1284-1285: The eastward extension Ranchero Rd. BTW, The storm drain is an eight foot pipe and will drain into the stream bed down near the box culvert. 1286-1287: Guess I caused some confusion with my comments about the Hesperia "International" Airport. This airport is a small general aviation facility with a 3900 x 50 foot runway. From the air, this runway looks like a sidewalk --- Here is the airport and its "fleet" of mostly unflyable aircraft.
GGG 12/06/11 The first of the two Shoo-fly tracks is being "dressed"  - 1279 GGG 12/06/11 BNSF 6788 is WB - 1280 GGG 12/06/11 BNSF 7708 is EB with the empty ethanol train  - 1281
GGG 12/06/11 AMT WB train #3 (5 hrs late) - 1282 GGG 12/06/11 BNSF 6788 is WB - 1283 GGG 12/06/11 Huge 8 foot pipe - 1284
GGG 12/06/11 Water drainage being built - 1285 GGG 12/06/11 Hesperia Airport - 1286 GGG 12/06/11 Aircraft at Hesperia Airport - 1287
Here are three pictures of the construction as of last Friday (12-09-11). The twin Shoo-fly panel tracks are in-place (obviously not yet connected) and are being surfaced. However, just as soon as the surfacing is completed, the 39 foot sections of rail will be removed and replaced with ribbon rail. Normally the speeds through here are P = 75 MPH and F = 65 MPH. We have been told that the limit on the shoo-fly will be 50 MPH. Bolted 39 ft sections of rail will evidently NOT hold up well under the stresses of Heavy trains on a somewhat tight curve at 50 MPH --- for two years.
1288: The telephoto lens compresses the distances. Between the MP 48 sign and the signals (MP 47.4) is .6 Miles. The arrow is pointed at the east end of newly placed double tracked Shoo-fly. 1289: There are about 90 feet between the existing main-line and the shoo-fly. The main-line BNSF bridge will be built in the area of MP 48 sign. 1290: West end of the shoo-fly tracks. GGG
GGG 12/09/11 Shoo-Fly East End - 1288 GGG 12/09/11 90 feet between main & s-fly  - 1289 GGG 12/09/11 Shoo-Fly West End  - 1290
From Hesperia: 1294-1295: BNSF 6686/6715 are deadheading WB (pass Hesperia) for duty as the 2011 BNSF City of Hope Hospital Christmas Train.
From MP 48 (Shoo-FLY area) Hesperia: 1296: Steel beams are stockpiled for the soon to be built BNSF bridge over the Ranchero Road extension. 1297-1299: UP 8523 & BNSF 7330 are headed for a meet at MP 48. (GGG)
GGG 12/15/11 BNSF Christmas Train WB - 1294 GGG 12/15/11 Heading for San Bernardino - 1295 GGG 12/23/11 Steel beams for BNSF Bridge - 1296
GGG 12/23/11 UP 8523 WB at MP 48 - 1297 GGG 12/23/11 BNSF 7330 EB at MP 48 - 1298 GGG 12/23/11 UP-BNSF Meet at MP 48 - 1299
2012 (from January 8 to December 10)
Thanks to DET, Marc & I were able to photograph the connecting of Main Track # 2 to Shoo-Fly track # 2 today at the Hesperia Ranchero Rd extension project. The job took about 10 hrs. MT # 1 will be connected to its shoo-fly track tomorrow (Monday 1/09/12).
GGG 1/08/12 Shoo-Fly East end dressing - 2004 GGG 1/08/12 UP 7182 WB at MP 48 - 2005 GGG 1/08/12 UP 4005 lite WB East end - 2006
GGG 1/08/12 Shoo-Fly West end - 2007 GGG 1/08/12 Final dressing of Shoo-Fly 2 - 2008 GGG 1/08/12 UP lite engines pass West end - 2009
On Sunday, January 8, during the Shoo-Fly tie-in and the required single tracking, there was plenty of traffic in the MP 47-48 area. We then moved RR East to the signal seen in the images 2013-2018. GGG
GGG 1/08/12 BNSF 4936 WB MP 48 Train 1 - 2013 GGG 1/08/12 BNSF 5092 DPU's WB Train 1 - 2014 GGG 1/08/12 UP 7475 WB MP 48 Train 2 - 2015
GGG 1/08/12 UP 7387 DPU WB Train 2 - 2016 GGG 1/08/12 BNSF 7827 WB MP 48 Train 3 - 2017 GGG 1/08/12 UP 7182 WM MP 48 Train 4 - 2018
GGG 1/08/12 BNSF 7387 WB MP 47.4 - 2019 GGG 1/08/12 BNSF 7704 WB MP 47.4 - 2020 GGG 1/08/12 BNSF 6216 EB MP 48 - 2021
2022-2026: On 9 Jan, Marc photographed the cutting, alignment and welding of MT-1 to the # 1 Shoo-Fly track. 2027-2030: By 11 Jan, both Shoo-Fly tracks were "open for traffic". BNSF 5184 is pictured WB on the # 2 Shoo-Fly track. The stacked track panels were removed from the area where the RR bridge will be built. In image 2028, the RED lines show the approximate position of the three track 200 foot RR Bridge -- and the black lines show the approximate center line of the four lane Ranchero Rd tunnel under the tracks. MF/GGG
MF 1/09/12 Cutting 0f MT-1 - 2022 MF 1/09/12 Cutting of MT-1 - 2023 MF 1/09/12 It will be connected to Shoo-Fly - 2024
MF 1/09/12 Moving of MT-1 - 2025 MF 1/09/12 Soon, trains can use Shoo-Fly - 2026 GGG 1/11/12 Shoo-Fly completed - 2027
GGG 1/11/12 Position of the new bridge - 2028 GGG 1/11/12 BNSF 5184 on Shoo-Fly - 2029 GGG 1/11/12 Same BNSF DBS train - 2030
During the past week, Riverside Construction has made significant progress excavating the area where they will build the BNSF RR bridge over the extension of Hesperia's Ranchero Rd. Marc & I "inspected" the project yesterday (Friday, January 20).
2037-2039: Looking East, the East and West ends of the future RR Bridge are lettered with RR indicating the eastward extension of Ranchero Rd. The plan is to build the bridge, place the RR tracks on the new bridge, remove the Shoo-Fly (SF), raise the eastward road extension and finish the road. The excess dirt is being saved to the west and will be used to raise the eastern extension of the road AFTER the SF is removed. 2040-2043: UP 7450 West and its DPU pass the signal @ MP 47.4 and move onto the Shoo-Fly. The LONG lens distorts the curvature of the SF. 2044-2045: WB & EB BNSF trains converge on the SF. GGG/MF
MF 1/20/12 Removing soil for the new . . - 2037 MF 1/20/12 . . Ranchero Road underpass  - 2038 MF 1/20/12 heavy equipment in action - 2039
GGG 1/20/12 UP 7450 WB MP 48 - 2040 GGG 1/20/12 UP WB on the Shoo-Fly - 2041 GGG 1/20/12 getting closer - 2042
GGG 1/20/12 UP WB DPU's on SF - 2043 MF 1/20/12 BNSF 7399 WB on SF - 2044 GGG 1/20/12 BNSF 7260 EB entering SF - 2045
January 31: Don Toles & I had a very nice High Desert day. Marc joined us for lunch at da dump and afterward, we joined Jerry at the Shoo-Fly.
2064-2065: Steel "protective walls" have been erected in the pit that will host the RR Bridge. Pilings are next. 2066-2067: UP 7525 West and BNSF 6704 East traverse the Shoo-Fly. 2068: The LARGE mound of dirt will be used to raise the Eastward extension of Ranchero Rd pictured in 2069.
GGG 1/31/12 Bridge Pit - 2064 GGG 1/31/12 location for new bridge  - 2065 GGG 1/31/12 UP 7525 WB MP 48 - 2066
GGG 1/31/12 BNSF 6704 EB MP 48 - 2067 GGG 1/31/12 Steel for Ranchero Rd. bridge - 2068 GGG 1/31/12 Eastward extension - 2069
February 6: It has been a busy few days at the Ranchero Rd / Shoo-Fly project. Marc has been busy documenting and talking to the contractors. The pilings will be 40 & 60 footers. The 40 footers will be used for the abutments and driven 34 feet into the earth ---- as dictated by ground compaction studies.
2082-2083 & 2085: The 24 West abutment pilings are being driven into place. 2084: Holes must be cut into the "I" beams for lifting upright. 2086: The business end of the pile driver. 2087: The BNSF "track gang" has reached the Shoo-Fly and is the process of replacing the bolted rail with welded ribbon rail. MF/GGG
MF 2/06/12 Pilings are driven into place - 2082 MF 2/06/12 BNSF 5066 WB pass Shoo-Fly - 2083 MF 2/06/12 Cutting holes into the beams - 2084
MF 2/06/12 Pile driver close-up - 2085 MF 2/06/12 Pile Driver in action - 2086 MF 2/06/12 Welded ribbon rail will be mounted - 2087
Februray 7: Marc again visited the Ranchero Road project. 2088: The 24 pilings for the western bridge abutment are in place. Workers are now measuring them for the correct elevation. The pilings will be "torched off" (cut) at the proper level. 2089: Overview of project. 2090-2092: The first 60 foot "I" beam is loaded into the pile driver for the western-most bridge pier (support). We were told that there will be three piers supporting the 200 foot RR bridge. 2093-2096: BNSF crews and equipment replace the jointed Shoo-Fly rail with welded ribbon rail. MF/GGG
MF 2/07/12 Pilings for abutment are in place - 2088 MF 2/07/12 BNSF 7581 EB - 2089 MF 2/07/12 BNSF 7581 EB passing the site - 2093
MF 2/07/12 Pile driver in action - 2090 MF 2/07/12 "I" beam with pile driver - 2091 MF 2/07/12  60 foot "I" beam - 2092
MF 2/07/12 BNSF crews are replacing . . - 2094 MF 2/07/12 . . jointed Shoo-Fly rail . . - 2095 MF 2/07/12 . . with welded ribbon rail - 2096
February 10: Nothing much exciting at the Rancho Road / Shoo-Fly Project this morning. BNSF has completed the shoo-fly ribbon rail conversion project and:
 2097: The driving of the first 60 ft piling for the western pier was completed during my visit. The smaller crane was moving the cut (waste) pieces of the Western abutment pilings. 2098-2099: The pilings for the western abutment have been cut to height and the beginings of rebar cages have been welded to the "I" beams.
 P.S. Glad I don't live near the project --- Guess I had forgotten the amount of noise and vibration caused by the pile driver. GGG
GGG 2/10/12 - 2097 GGG 2/10/12 - 2098 GGG 2/10/12 - 2099
Marc made a couple of visits, this week, to the Rancho Rd extension under the BNSF tracks in Hesperia. Between his visits, we had a whole two or three inches of snow. 2100-2101: Due to MOW between Summit and Lugo, two WB's are nose to tail awaiting the EB in #2. 2102-2103: Rebar and forms are being installed for the Western abutment. 2104: Overview of Western abutment and western pier supports. 2105-2106: The Pile Driver mechanism "down for maintenance". 2107: BNSF 7738 is WB with ballast. 2108: The view with snow. Progress is rapid ! !  MF/GGG
MF 2/14/12 Two WB's at Shoo-Fly - 2100 MF 2/14/12 BNSF 6653 EB pass 2 WB's - 2101 MF 2/14/12 West abutment-pier - 2102
MF 2/16/12 Detail of West pier - 2103 MF 2/16/12 Overview of West abutment - 2104 MF 2/14/12 Pile Driver - 2105
MF 2/14/12 Pile Driver maintenance - 2106 MF 2/16/12 BNSF 7738 WB Ballast - 2107 MF 2/16/12 Pile Driver with snow - 2108
Today (February 17), we had a great AM on Hill 582 followed by a visit to the Shoo-Fly and lunch at Da Dump.
2109: Overview of BNSF bridge progress --- Pile driving for the Western Abutment (WA) and Western Pier (WP) is complete and the "Driver" is now working on the Eastern Abutment. 2110: BNSF 7731 towing ATSF 146 is WB at MP 48 (Shoo-Fly). 2111: Eastern abutment pile driving. GGG
GGG 2/17/12 Progress Overview - 2109 GGG 2/17/12 BNSF 7731 WB w/GP60M - 2110 GGG 2/17/12 Pile Driver EA - 2111
February 25, Marc has been able to spend some time at the Ranchero Road project. 2115: Overview of the project. 2116: Pilings for the Eastern Abutment & Pier are almost complete. 2117: It appears that the bridge supports will be in a triple column arrangement. We will try to find out just how much concrete will be needed. MF (GGG)
MF 2/25/12 Overview of the project - 2115 MF 2/25/12 Eastern Abutment Pier - 2116 MF 2/25/12 Western Abutment Pier - 2117
March 1: 2124: Overview of project as of 03-01-12. 2125-2126: Concrete pouring has begun on the Western Abutment and Pier. 2127: Pile Driving has begun on the center pier. 2128: Pile Driving is complete for the Eastern Abutment. 2129: Concrete forms are being built for the Eastern Abutment. MF (GGG)
MF 3/01/12 Overview of the project - 2124 MF 3/01/12 Western Abutment Pier - 2125 MF 3/01/12 Concrete pouring on WA - 2126
MF 3/01/12 Center Pier pile driving - 2127 MF 3/01/12 Pile Driving complete on EA - 2128 MF 3/01/12 Concrete forms for EA - 2129
March 9: Spent a train-less hour at the project today. The driving of the pilings is complete. Rebar and concrete form installation is progressing very rapidly.
2139: Rebar and removable??? steel forms are in place for the three columns of the western pier. 2140-2141: Closeups of rebar and forms for western abutment and pier. 2142: Metal foundations for the middle & eastern piers and the eastern abutment. 2143: "Wing walls" have been formed and poured for the LARGE box culvert which will carry storm runoff under the Ranchero Rd East extension. 2144: Rip Rap is being installed to disrupt and slow storm runoff downstream of box culvert. GGG
GGG 3/09/12 Western Pier - 2139 GGG 3/09/12 Rebars & forms for abutment - 2140 GGG 3/09/12 Closeups WA - 2141
GGG 3/09/12 Metal foundation for piers - 2142 GGG 3/09/12 Wing Walls for box culvert - 2143 GGG 3/09/12 Rip Rap is being installed - 2144
March 16: I've had a few questions concerning the need "for all of that steel and all that cement". I can only comment that the bridge will be 200 feet long - which will accommodate three 430,000 pound diesels on each track. So, I guess one should think about 2.5 million pounds of diesels at a combined 120 MPH --- lots of weight, vibration, and lateral forces. GGG
The base forms for both the Western abutment and pier have been removed and moved to their corresponding eastern positions. 2152: Close up of the Western pier and abutment. 2153: Middle pier pilings and beginnings of rebar cage. 2154: Eastern pier almost ready for concrete. 2155: Close up of Eastern pier. 2156: Rebar cages for the middle pier and pre-cast concrete storm runoff culverts are stockpiled.
GGG 3/16/12 Overview - 2151 GGG 3/16/12 Western pier + abutment - 2152 GGG 3/16/12 Middle pier pilings - 2153
GGG 3/16/12 Eastern pier - 2154 GGG 3/16/12 Close up Eastern pier - 2155 GGG 3/16/12 Rebar cages + culverts - 2156
March 21: Quick trip to the project today. 2163: The western pier columns have been poured and the round steel forms moved to the eastern pier area. The bases for both the Eastern pier and abutment have been poured. Forms for the middle pier base are being built. 2164: Rebar and forms for the superstructure of the Western abutment are being finished. 2165: Close up of the Middle and Eastern structures. GGG
GGG 3/21/12 Overview - 2163 GGG 3/21/12 Western pier columns  - 2164 GGG 3/21/12 Middle and Eastern structures - 2165
March 23: Never one to waste a chance for documentation, I made, what was going to be, a quick trip to the project.
2166: Overview -- all of today's activity was focused on forming and installing the rebar for the base of the middle pier. 2167: BNSF 7555 is EB at track speed ---Shoo-fly limit is 50 MPH. 2168: After visiting the Contractor's office, I caught UP 7601 WB thru Hesperia.
I've had so many questions concerning this project, that I decided to consult the experts. The construction engineers, after I barged into their offices, were super and explained several "burning" issues --- HE HE. All volumes are approximate but very close.
* The bridge is being built strictly to BNSF standards - slump and later compression tests are performed on each BATCH (not each truck) of concrete delivered.
* The Eastern and Western pier bases consumed 150 cubic yards (cu yds) of concrete each -- The middle pier base will use 200-250 cu yds.
* Each of the nine round vertical columns will take 60 cu yds.
* According to temperature and humidity, the forms may be removed in 72 hours. Curing concrete is covered with plastic to slow water loss and retard curing--if the concrete cures too quickly, it loses strength ---.
The bridge deck will be formed and poured IN-PLACE. The building of the supporting structures and forms for the bridge deck will be something to see. Look forward??? to numerous future reports. The middle pier base and Eastern columns will be poured next Wednesday, weather permitting --- and we'll be there.

BTW, the City of Hesperia has placed two web cams with time lapse capability in the project area. On Camera TWO the pixilated area hides a private residence. Just to the left of the blurred area is the path we use for our photography. GGG

GGG 3/23/12 Overview - 2166 GGG 3/23/12 BNSF 7555 EB at MP 48 - 2167 GGG 3/23/12 UP 7601 WB at Hesperia - 2168
March 28: It was Marc's turn at the project today. The crews lost two work days due to last weekends storms. Today they were busy finishing the rebar for the base of the middle pier and placing the round steel forms for the Eastern Columns.
2169: Project overview. 2170: Finished Western base and column -- Awaiting cap and decking forms. 2171: Lifting and placing the round forms for the Eastern columns. 2172: Centering and truing the form & rebar for one of the Eastern columns. 2173-74: Rebar detail for the middle base and columns.
Concrete tomorrow or Friday -- we hope !  MF/GGG
MF 3/28/12 Project Overview - 2169 MF 3/28/12 Western base & column - 2170 MF 3/28/12 Eastern Columns - 2171
MF 3/28/12 Detail Eastern columns - 2172 MF 3/28/12 Rebar details middle base - 2173 MF 3/28/12 Middle base & column - 2174
March 30: Short trip to THE PROJECT today. 2175: Project overview while BNSF 7780 is WB on the shoo-fly. Concrete pouring for the base for the middle pier is underway. 2176: BNSF 7708-7783 WB DPU's for BNSF 7780. BTW, it was lunchtime! 2177: Two Robertson's 9 cubic foot concrete trucks can simultaneously unload into the hopper of this VERY large concrete pump. 2178: Close up of the pump. 2179-80: Close up of the pump's business end with spreading, vibration (to remove voids), and finishing proceeding. GGG
GGG 3/30/12 Overview w/BNSF 7780 WB - 2175 GGG 3/30/12 BNSF DPU's WB on shoo-fly - 2176 GGG 3/30/12 Concrete Trucks unloading - 2177
GGG 3/30/12 Close up of the pump - 2178 GGG 3/30/12 Pump's business end - 2179 GGG 3/30/12 Finishing is proceeding - 2180
April 4: After visitting Hill 582, I stopped by the project to photograph. 2202: Overview - The Eastern Columns have been poured and the round forms moved to the middle columns. Work today centered on finishing the forms for the superstructure of the Western Abutment. NEW QUESTION --- Why was the space (white arrows) left between the form bottoms and the dirt? 2203: Close up of the middle and Easter piers. 2204: A handsome plug of concrete. 2205: Superstructure forms for the Western Abutment. 2206-07: BNSF 7555 and its DPU's are WB at MP 48. GGG
GGG 4/04/12 Overview - 2202 GGG 4/04/12 East & Mid Piers - 2203 GGG 4/04/12 East Pier - 2204
GGG 4/04/12 West Abudment - 2205 GGG 4/04/12 BNSF 7555 WB MP 48 - 2206 GGG 4/04/12 BNSF 7486 DPU's - 2207
April 6: Today, Laura & I had a fun "Da Dump" lunch with Don, Marc, Doc Jones and the Westovers (Tehachapi). After lunch I took Laura and the Westovers over to the project where we ran into the construction engineer I met a few weeks ago. The engineer was, again, very friendly and answered all of our questions.
2208-09: The floor of the "pit" has been raised about 5 feet to a level equal to the tops of the pier bases. The pier base tops will be made "islands" and will have devices installed to protect the columns from road traffic. The middle columns will be poured next week.
2210: The western pier forms are nearing completion and should be poured late next week. All of the areas labled "A" will be filled with dirt. The "B" wing walls are only to retain the dirt support for the roadbed---As several of you wisely indicated after I posed the question last week. The "C" wall will be the bridge support between the natural land contour and the Western Pier. 2211: These concrete pipes will be installed under the bridge to carry storm runoff down to the creek bed 'compass east' of the bridge. 2212: UP 8649 leads a WB at MP 48. 2213: UP 8629 DPU for UP 8649. GGG
GGG 4/06/12 Overview - 2208 GGG 4/06/12 East & Mid Piers - 2209 GGG 4/06/12 Western Abudment - 2210
GGG 4/06/12 UP 8649 WB MP 48 - 2211 GGG 4/06/12 UP WB on Shoo-Fly - 2212 GGG 4/06/12 UP 8629 DPU of same train - 2213
April 10: Got to both the compass West & East sides of the project today.
Overview -- Construction efforts centered on digging the trench and installing the six foot in diameter concrete storm drain within the construction pit. The culverts will eventually join those already installed across Summit Valley Rd and empty into the Box Culvert under the Eastward Ranchero Rd Extension. 2217: Looking SW from the Shoo-Fly at our usual photographic location near the pictured residence. 2218-19: While inside the Shoo-Fly, two EB's pass MP 48
 2220: Looking West into the construction site, the first section of the culvert can be seen. 2221: BNSF 7775 is WB at MP 47.
2222: BNSF 7764 is WB at the MP 39.1 flyover. GGG
GGG 4/10/12 Overview - 2214 GGG 4/10/12 Digging the trench for the pipes 2215 GGG 4/10/12 Six foot diameter pipes - 2216
GGG 4/10/12 Looking SW from Shoo-Fly - 2217 GGG 4/10/12 BNSF 7493 EB MP 48 - 2218 GGG 4/10/12 BNSF 7599 EB on Shoo-Fly - 2219
GGG 4/10/12 Pit view looking West - 2220 GGG 4/10/12 BNSF 7775 WB MP 47 - 2221 GGG 4/10/12 BNSF 7764 WB MP39.1 Flyover - 2222
April 13: Cold, Windy & Wet in the Victor Valley today and so it was the perfect day to visit the project.   2223-24: Overviews of the project.
2225-26: Close up of middle pier showing the storm drain and concrete "buffer" between the pier and the drain. 2227: Removing voids and finishing the concrete pour of the Western abutment superstructure. 2228: Wrapping and prepping the middle column forms for today's concrete pour -- weather permitting. GGG
GGG 4/13/12 Overview of the project - 2223 GGG 4/13/12 Concrete pouring - 2224 GGG 4/13/12 Middle Pier - 2225
GGG 4/13/12 close up - 2226 GGG 4/13/12 Western abudment  - 2227 GGG 4/13/12 Wrapping for concrete pour - 2228

April 19: MEANWHILE, AT THE RANCHERO RD PROJECT: 2244: The Western wooden abutment forms are being removed and rebuilt to support the Eastern Abutment superstructure concrete pour. The dirt floor of the "pit" is being raised about a foot. Later, protective islands will be built to protect the columns. 2245: Close up of the City of Hesperia artwork in the concrete. 2246: BNSF 7712 with BNSF 6968 (mentioned on 2012 page, photos 2238-43) is finally WB at MP 48.

I have received a few more questions concerning the Ranchero project. Today I searched out my Construction Engineer Friends and got the following info:
-- The diesel hammer (Pile Driver) was built by Pileco of Houston, TX.
-- The round steel column forms were in six half round pieces (in this case) and bolted together.
-- The steel forms were wrapped before the pour because the ambient temperature was forecasted to fall below 40 F.
-- The steel retaining walls, pilings and protective plastic have been / are being removed. The dirt floor has been raised and walls of "the Pit" are considered strong enough to stand alone. -- Construction of the falsework (support and forms) for the bridge deck should begin in the next week ---- or so.
-- We talked again about the weight and stresses, from trains and earthquakes, that this bridge will be required to withstand. It is one of the strongest structures, of this type, possible with today's technology. GGG

GGG 4/19/12 Western abutment  - 2244 GGG 4/19/12 City of Hesperia Artwork - 2245 GGG 4/19/12 BNSF 7712 w/new ES44C-4 - 2246
April 24: at the project. 2247: Project overview. 2248: Supports for the Bridge deck are being built. The gap in the six foot diameter storm drain is PROBABLY for installation of a surface drain ??? Note the size of the I beam, with wooden beams attached, laying next to the middle columns. 2249: Close up of gap in the storm drain. 2250: Forms for the Eastern abutment are nearing completion. 2251-52: Overview and close up of the support structure being built for the bridge deck. Note the size of the structure elements, strapping, and connecting devices used in what will be a massive and VERY strong structure. GGG
GGG 4/24/12 Project overview - 2247 GGG 4/24/12 Bridge deck supports - 2248 GGG 4/24/12 Storm drain - 2249
GGG 4/24/12 Eastern abutment ready - 2250 GGG 4/24/12 Support structure - 2251 GGG 4/24/12 being built for the bridge deck - 2252
April 28: 2259: Project Overview. The support structure surrounding the Western columns now has a platform. The same structure is being built for the middle columns and the "gap" in the six foot storm drain appears to have been "closed". 2260-61: Close up of the Western support structure and the start of the same structure for the middle columns. 2262-63: Close up of the storm drain & the Western support structure. 2264: BNSF / UP meet at MP 48.
That's all the info I have --- It is time to question my engineer friends -- again. GGG
GGG 4/28/12 Project Overview - 2259 GGG 4/28/12 Western support structure - 2260 GGG 4/28/12 Middle columns - 2261
GGG 4/28/12 Storm drain - 2262 GGG 4/28/12 Western support structure - 2263 GGG 4/28/12 BNSF 7356 WB meets UP EB - 2264
May 2: Marc & I "inspected" the project this morning --- just before lunch at Molly's. 2265: Obvious progress is being made on the vertical columns and the Eastern abutment is being poured. 2266-68: Close ups of the rebar for the Western Column Cap. Note the different (very large to HUGE) sizes and the minimal spacing of the rebar. Also, small concrete stand-offs are in place to provide spacing between the forms and the concrete. 2269-71: Readying of the middle pier for column cap rebar. The circular "wrapping" rebar is being removed to allow installation of the column cap rebar. 2272: Concrete pouring of the Eastern abutment. 2273: Showing the massive size of the supports ---The wooden supports are at least 12" X 12". Those HUGE bolts should hold ! !  GGG/MF
GGG 5/02/12 Overview - 2265 GGG 5/02/12 Rebar of Western column cap - 2266 GGG 5/02/12 A lot of iron to give strengh - 2267
GGG 5/02/12 Close up - 2268 GGG 5/02/12 Middle pier - 2269 GGG 5/02/12 Middle pier  - 2270
GGG 5/02/12 Close up column cap rebar - 2271 GGG 5/02/12 Eastern abutment - 2272 GGG 5/02/12 Massive size of supports - 2273
May 5: Quick trip out to the bridge project today. 2274: Overview --The 6 foot diameter storm drain has been completed (within the confines of the construction pit) and covered. 2275: The column cap of the Western pier has been formed and appears to be ready for the "pour". 2276-77: Rebar for Column cap of the middle pier is proceeding and the platform for the Eastern Pier is complete. 2278: View of the Eastward extension of Ranchero Rd.  GGG
GGG 5/05/12 Overview - 2274 GGG 5/05/12 Western pier ready for pour - 2275 GGG 5/05/12 Middle pier column cap - 2276
GGG 5/05/12 Eastern pier platform complete - 2277 GGG 5/05/12 Eastward extension Ranchero - 2278 GGG 5/05/12 BNSF 7835 EB at MP 48 - 2279
April 8: Marc, today, made an early visit to the bridge project. 2280-81: Marc did some trudging through the loose dirt to get the different views.
2282-83: Western pier cap. The function of the metal pieces being installed atop the rebar is unknown at this time.
2284-85: Rebar progress on the middle and Eastern pier caps.  MF/GGG
MF 5/08/12 Overview 1 - 2280 MF 5/08/12 Overview 2 - 2281 MF 5/08/12 Western pier cap - 2282
MF 5/08/12 Western pier cap straight - 2283 MF 5/08/12 Middle pier - 2284 MF 5/08/12 Eastern pier - 2285
May 5: Hope we're not inundating you with pictures but this project has taken on "a life of it's own" among the 60+ World-WIDE folks on this list.
2289: Column caps (West & Middle) appear to be formed and ready for concrete. 2290: From April 19 --The abutment wing walls were formed and poured with their bases supported by wooden forms -- giving the appearance of "floating". This construction technique has generated many questions -- to say the least !!!
Today, my neighbor and good friend needed a ride and the bridge was mentioned during the drive. I had not intended to take any pictures until I noticed that "after the fact" foundations had been poured under the wing walls of the Western abutment.
2291: Using the age old forming technique of DIRT-BACKED PLYWOOD, Riverside Construction, today, answered some of our questions. GGG
GGG 5/09/12 West & Middle column caps - 2289 GGG 4/19/12 How it was done in April  - 2290 GGG 5/09/12 Old technique with plywood/dirt - 2291
Bridge progress as of 5-14-12
Overview - The Western Column Cap forms have been removed along with the footing forms below the Western abutment wing walls. Forms for the Eastern Pier Cap are nearly complete and it APPEARS that we will shortly see the start of bridge deck construction.
2293: From Marc's 8 May picture, questions arose concerning the purpose of the metal plates that were being installed atop the forms of the column caps.
2294: The finished Western Column Cap with steel bars protruding about one foot above the concrete. 2295: At lower right is the poured Middle Column Cap with those steel bars installed. In the middle, workers are attaching the aforementioned steel plates and bars to the forms of the Eastern Column Cap. Hanging on the outside of the forms are several of the steel bars which will become part of Pier Cap. At the top is the Eastern Abutment with corresponding steel bars.
2296: It APPEARS that there was a bit of a problem in pouring the footing below the Western Abutment Wing Wall.
2297: It APPEARS that a bit more dirt was used to support the footings for the Eastern Abutment Wing Walls. GGG
GGG 5/14/12 Overview - 2292 MF 5/08/12 see above - 2293 GGG 5/14/12 finished Western column cap - 2294
GGG 5/14/12 see text above - 2295 GGG 5/14/12 Western Wing Wall - 2296 GGG 5/14/12 Eastern Abutment Wind Wall - 2297
May 16: Mojave summer is here -- around 100F for the last few days -- Now, it'll get HOT. 2298: The overview shows a very clean work site with:
A partially backfilled Western abutment and 2300: A newly poured Eastern column cap being "finished". GGG
GGG 5/16/12 Overview - 2298 GGG 5/16/12 Western abudment - 2299 GGG 5/16/12 Eastern column cap - 2300
May 22:  2325: I was surprised to see the platforms surrounding the piers being dismantled as shown in the overview. 2326: Close-up of the Western pier. The steel and heavy wooden supports, for that pier, were removed in less than a day. 2327: View of the middle and Eastern piers. GGG
GGG 5/22/12 Overview - 2325 GGG 5/22/12 Finished Western Pier - 2326 GGG 5/22/12 Middle and Eastern piers - 2327
May 25: 2328: Overview from 5/25/12. 2329-30: The "fill" behind the Western Abutment has been raised and compacted to near old roadbed level.
2331: The Eastern pier cap was poured last week however our tremendous winds required wrapping the setting concrete in plastic, to slow water loss. The final vertical wall of the Eastern abutment was poured today. 2332-33: UP 7492 and its mid-train DPU's are WB at MP 48. GGG
GGG 5/25/12 Overview - 2328 GGG 5/25/12 Western Abudment - 2329 GGG 5/25/12 The fill is almost track level - 2330
GGG 5/25/12 Eastern Pier Cap - 2331 GGG 5/25/12 UP 7492 WB MP 48 - 2332 GGG 5/25/12 UP 7091+4014 DPU's WB - 2333
May 31: Made two trips to the project today. 2346-47: West of the project, several flatbeds were parked loaded with structural steel in a double "I" beam configuration. The "pit" was ready for placing the beams. 2348: In bad light, BNSF 7875 + 10 are WB. 2349: Four shorter double "I" beams about to be delivered
Later in the Afternoon
2350-51: Three of the shorter double beams had been installed between the Eastern Pier and Eastern Abutment. 2352-53: A longer double beam being delivered. The workers are waiting on the middle pier. 2354-57: The first LONG double beam is lifted and installed between the Eastern and middle piers. GGG
GGG 5/31/12 Double "I" beams waiting - 2346 GGG 5/31/12 Raedy to place the first beam - 2347 GGG 5/31/12 BNSF 7875 + 10 more WB - 2348
GGG 5/31/12 - 4 shorter "I" beams - 2349 GGG 5/31/12 - 3 beams have been installed - 2350 GGG 5/31/12 Eastern pier and abudment - 2351
GGG 5/31/12 Longer double "I" beams - 2352 GGG 5/31/12 Waiting for long beams - 2353 GGG 5/31/12 First long beam in the air - 2354
GGG 5/31/12 Between Eastern & middle pier - 2355 GGG 5/31/12 These beams are huge - 2356 GGG 5/31/12 First long beam is in place - 2357
June 3: This morning, I decided to photograph the bridge project from ground level. So, I approached the project from the East and crossed the tracks to get the following: 2370: Looking Railroad West--These 18 double "I" beams (9 short from the abutment to the Eastern pier and 9 long from the Eastern pier to the middle pier) were lifted into position in two days. 2371: From a distance and from the pictures, it is difficult to visualize the scale of this structure. The vertical "WEB" of these beams is about three feet. 2372: Looking Railroad East--All of the "I" beam placement should be completed by Tuesday. GGG
GGG 6/03/12 - 2370 GGG 6/03/12 - 2371 GGG 6/03/12 - 2372
June 7: 2373-74: Most of today's bridge work appeared to be centered on installing wood forms between and just below the tops of the "I" beams --- to support the concrete deck pour ??? In 2375-76, workers can be seen building and stacking the wooden forms. 2377-78: Compass East of the Shoo-Fly, Six large earth movers were cutting the hill down to Summit Valley Rd level. The excess dirt was moved down to the lowest level of the "new" Ranchero Rd. GGG
GGG 6/07/12 All "I" beams are in place - 2373 GGG 6/07/12 Wooden forms being installed - 2374 GGG 6/07/12 Busy installing wooden forms - 2375
GGG 6/07/12 Plenty wood to go - 2376 GGG 6/07/12 Earth movers cutting the hill - 2377 GGG 6/07/12 New Ranchero Road bed - 2378
June 16: Howdy from a very warm Mojave Desert. There have been some interesting developments at the BNSF Bridge/Ranchero Rd project over the last week.
2379: BNSF 6907 leads a "bare table" WB at MP 48. 2380-82: The "false work" wooden floor, which will support the concrete deck pour between the "I" beams, has been completed. Vertical anchors have been welded to the "I" beams starting at the RR East abutment --- and six foot??? "wing supports" are being added to both SIDES of the bridge. 2383: Will answer some questions --- The steel support plates are "double lock nutted" to the concrete piers and the "I" beams are welded to the support plates. 2384: The small mountain of dirt moved to dig the construction pit will, after shoo-fly removal, be moved to raise the Eastward extension of Ranchero Rd.   GGG
GGG 6/16/12 BNSF 6907 WB "bare table" - 2379 GGG 6/16/12 Wooden floor is completed  - 2380 GGG 6/16/12 "Wing supports" are welded - 2381
GGG 6/16/12 Vertical anchors are welded - 2382 GGG 6/16/12 Steel support plates - 2383 GGG 6/16/12 Dirt to be used for the road - 2384
June 18: One of my Construction Engineer friends spotted me on the photographic "overlook", drove up and spent half an hour answering your questions.
2385-86: The vertical "anchors" welded to the "I" beams are called SHEAR STUDS. The studs will lock the NINE INCH THICK concrete deck to the supporting structures and insure that the bridge becomes one rigid structure. The "Wings" being welded to both sides will support the bridge side-walls and two thee foot wide walkways.
2387: As you may remember, an eight foot box culvert was built at the lowest point of the Eastward extension of Ranchero Rd. The culvert portal is just to the right of the CAT boom near the bottom of the picture and is now covered by about 15-20 feet of earth. I am told that the road will eventually be raised to thirty feet.
The rebar used varied from .25 to 1.25 inches in diameter---according to position and expected loads. The DOUBLE "I" beams were of two lengths ---33' 8" @ 23,000 pounds and 71' 4" @ 47,000 pounds. The concrete used will reach 90% of its end strength in 28 days. The bridge is being built wide enough to accommodate a FUTURE third main track --- which means that potentially, nine BNSF/UP diesels at 430,000 pounds each could meet on the bridge - all traveling at 60 MPH. Add in California Earthquake Standards and the fact that this bridge will span one of four emergency railroad crossings in the Valley.
Road clearance will be about 17 feet --- The normal 18 wheeler trailer is 13' 6". The bridge will be about 215' in length. GGG
6/18/12 Shear Studs are welded to "I" beams - 2385 6/18/12 Wings are welded on both sides - 2386 6/18/12 Eastward extension of Ranchero Rd. - 2387
June 22: Spent a bit of time at the "project" for some close ups.
2395: Close up of the temporary wooden walkway, safety railing & the side forms for next week's???? deck pour. 2396-99: I had wondered just how the troops welded the shear studs to the "I" beams. There is an APP for that! So, from the generator, one electrical lead is attached to the "I" beam and the other to the welding "GUN", a stud is loaded into the gun, and about a trillion amps finishes the job. Then a guy with a stick and a huge sledge hammer measures the height of each stud and bends any that are too tall. 2400: Lucked out and caught a meet on the shoo-fly. 2401-02: On the way home, caught two WB's. GGG
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GGG 6/22/12 Project overview - 2394 GGG 6/22/12 Temporary wooden walkway - 2395 GGG 6/22/12 See text above - 2396
GGG 6/22/12 - 2397 GGG 6/22/12 - 2398 GGG 6/22/12 - 2399
GGG 6/22/12 BNSF WB & UP EB Meet - 2400 GGG 6/22/12 BNSF 7854 WB Hesperia - 2401 GGG 6/22/12 BNSF 7719 WB Hesperia - 2402
June 26: EVEN MORE REBAR --- is used to get the required strenght of the concrete and to cover the weight of the trains rolling over it. GGG
GGG 6/26/12 Overview - 2403 GGG 6/26/12 Plenty iron to be mounted - 2404 GGG 6/26/12 To get a strong bridge . . .  - 2405
GGG 6/26/12 . . . lots of iron will be used - 2406 GGG 6/26/12 Once the concrete is poured . - 2407 GGG 6/26/12 . . we cannot see all the metal - 2408
June 30: I had not planed to visit the project this weekend but something ??? caught my attention on the web-cam images.
The amount of rebar installed to reinforce the bridge deck is amazing. However, I do not understand the undulations in this rebar compared to the uniform rebar installations in the pier bases, the piers and the pier caps. The vertical "spikes" have red marks sprayed on them which I GUESS indicate the top level of the deck pour ??? I also GUESS that the white materials placed across the bridge have something to do with expansion joints.
2413: Also, I don't understand the zig-zag pattern of the concrete forms on both abutments. 2414: On the way, caught up with the rear DPU's of a NB UP near Cajon Summit. UP/SP 1996 looks great. GGG
GGG 6/30/12 The normal overview - 2409 GGG 6/30/12 See text above - 2410 GGG 6/30/12 - 2411
GGG 6/30/12 - 2412 GGG 6/30/12 zig-zag patterns - 2413 GGG 6/30/12 UP/SP 1996 near UP Summit - 2414
July 6: Starting very early this AM, to "beat" the Mojave Desert heat, and under construction lights the main deck concrete pour was finished around 0900.
2424: The completed pour with expansion joints in place. 2425: Finishing nearly completed. I am told that the worker is spraying a "concrete surface retarder" which will temporally stop the surface from curing and allow the subsurface concrete to cure normally. He will use the airborne basket to spray the normally unreachable areas. 2426-28: Finished areas. 2429: The plastic in these rolls will be spread over the curing concrete to prevent excessive water loss. GGG
GGG 7/06/12 Complete concrete pour - 2424 GGG 7/06/12 Finishing almost done - 2425 GGG 7/06/12 Finished surface West - 2426
GGG 7/06/12 Finsished surface center - 2427 GGG 7/06/12 Finished Westend - 2428 GGG 7/06/12 Plastic to protec fresh pour - 2429
July 10: I am still surprised at how many on this list are interested in this bridge project. So, I thought I'd better get over to the project and get some pictures before the semi-nasty e-mails start again --- HE HE. I had to have some feelings for the construction workers since the temperature hit 110 F in the Valley yesterday. To answer another question --- Although the new bridge is oriented in compass directions North & South, we always use the BNSF "Transcon Rule" that any train headed from Chicago to Los Angeles is a WEST BOUND --- no matter where it is and what direction it may be traveling at any given moment --- and vice versa. Therefore, in line with BNSF tradition, the bridge runs RR East & West.
Work this week centers on the saw-toothed abutment approaches to the bridge and the future concrete side walls of the bridge. 2431: Shows the rebar installed to support the RR Western bridge approach while --- 2432-33: document the concrete pour of the RR Eastern bridge approach. 2434-36: show the outer forms for bridge side walls being built. 2437: A long lens shot of even more huge storm runoff pipes being installed under the Eastern extension of Ranchero Rd. 2438: BNSF 7702 WB @ MP 48.    GGG
GGG 7/10/12 Overview - 2430 GGG 7/10/12 Rebar of bridge West end - 2431 GGG 7/10/12 Concrete pour on East end - 2432
GGG 7/10/12 Truck unloading concrete - 2433 GGG 7/10/12 Bridge side walls - 2434 GGG 7/10/12 Close up of side wall forms - 2435
GGG 7/10/12 Outer forms for side walls - 2436 GGG 7/10/12 Eastern extension of Ranchero - 2437 GGG 7/10/12 BNSF 7702 WB at MP 48 - 2438
July 12: I had not planned to visit the construction site today but, on the Hesperia Web Site, I noticed some new "false work" outside of the temporary walkway. 2439-41: Overviews of the bridge and finished deck. 2442-43: Close up of the newly installed false work. 2444: BNSF 7318 crawls, due to MOW, WB at MP 48.  -  GGG
GGG 7/12/12 Overview of finished deck - 2439 GGG 7/12/12 Finished deck East side - 2440 GGG 7/12/12 Finished deck West side - 2441
GGG 7/12/12 Newly installed false work - 2442 GGG 7/12/12 False work joining West wall - 2443 GGG 7/12/12 BNSF 7318 WB MP 48 - 2444
July 17: Stopped at the project while returning from a trip "down the Hill". For you non Mojave Desert types, "Down the Hill" means driving over Cajon Pass and winding up anywhere in the very large triangle formed by Palm Springs, L. A. and San Diego.
2445-46: Construction crews are building the "False Work" and installing the rebar for the bridge side walls, the walk-ways and the safety railings.
2447: I think the rebar shows the future shaping and placement of: "A" The Side Wall & "B" The Walk Way
"C" The anchors for the safety railing which will be installed in and continued along the new pour ???   GGG
GGG 7/17/12 Overview - 2445 GGG 7/17/12 False Work construction - 2446 GGG 7/17/12 Details A/B/C (see above) - 2447
July 19 - July 27: The last ten days of Bridge construction have been somewhat busy but not very photogenic.
2491-93: The intricate forms for the bridge sidewalls, walkways and safety railings were completed, poured and covered. 2494-95: Last Friday (7/27), the sidewall forms were removed revealing the final configuration of the upper bridge surfaces.
Using COMPASS DIRECTIONS, the bridge is oriented North & South. On the WEST side of the BNSF Mainline, there is a somewhat major "natural" storm water drainage ditch running from South to North--ending at the new bridge. As noted, a six foot diameter concrete drainage pipe has been installed under the new bridge and will ultimately drain into the huge box culvert under the Eastward extension of Ranchero Rd. The new pipe shown in 2496 will drain the above mentioned ditch. Confused? --- ME TOO --- GGG
GGG 7/19/12 Overview - 2491 GGG 7/19/12 Sidewalls are finished - 2492 GGG 7/20/12 Fresh concrete is covered - 2493
GGG 7/27/12 Sidewalls forms were removed - 2494 GGG 7/27/12 Finished bridge surface - 2495 GGG 7/27/12 Drainage pipe - 2496
July 28: On Saturday, I decided that I really needed to walk across the new bridge. As often as I've been near this structure, I was still surprised at how massive it really is ---- considering that it's a railroad bridge in the middle of the Mojave Desert !
2497: Looking South (RR West) --- The bridge is approximately 215 feet X 40 feet wide. Our normal photographic point is the high dirt corner near the upper right. The drainage ditch mentioned in 2496 is between the pile of dirt and our photographic point. 2498: Looking North (RR East). 2499: Close-up of bridge deck, side wall, walkway, and anchors for the safety railing. 2500-01: Close-up of the before mentioned drainage pipe and a lesson in how to COMPLETELY seal (with light rebar & concrete), a culvert joint where the odd angle will not allow the pipes to normally seat. 2502: Looking compass West across the Shoo-fly and the new BNSF bridge, the "mountain" in middle-upper right is dirt removed from the construction pit. Also, about .5 miles West of this position and several feet higher than the hill in the foreground, is the present Eastern end of Ranchero Rd. Much more dirt must be removed to allow Ranchero Rd to descend to a level seventeen feet below the bottom of the new bridge. GGG
GGG 7/28/12 Looking South (RR West)  - 2497 GGG 7/28/12 Looking North (RR East) - 2498 GGG 7/28/12 Close-up bridge side - 2499
GGG 7/28/12 Drainage pipe - 2500 GGG 7/28/12 Close-up of pipe - 2501 GGG 7/28/12 Looking compass West - 2502
August 1: (A/O Wednesday) 2503-05: A contractor installed safety railings on both bridge sides. Riverside Construction crews removed the wooden forms, which supported the deck pour, from under the bridge. 2506: The excavated area, between the concrete approach and the "old" ROW will support HEAVY sub-ballast. 2507: I've had several questions concerning the saw-toothed, zig-zag configurations of the concrete approaches to the bridge. I visited my Construction Engineer friends yesterday, and after a long session, I THINK they MADE me understand the design and the process.
It's all in the architectural design!!! The new Ranchero Rd will run compass East & West under the new BNSF bridge, which was designed to run compass North & South. However, the BNSF ROW does not run exactly COMPASS North & South in this area. And so, the design was to build the bridge FIFTY FEET wide so that the tracks can and will cross the bridge at an angle.
2508: From the City of Hesperia Web Site (CofH) showing that the zig-zag configuration does meet the "old" ROW at the desired ninety degree angle.
I asked many questions such as why the designer didn't "stagger" the bridge supports to align the bridge with the RR ROW --- which would have allowed for a more narrow bridge. Of course, I was talking to the builders and not the architects. We also spoke of the stockpiled dirt, the earth that must be removed to lower the Western extension of Ranchero Rd and the Shoo-Fly itself. My engineer friend stated that the Eastern extension of the Rd must be raised by another eight feet and that they just may have enough fill --- after compaction.
The construction folks HOPE to turn the bridge over to BNSF sometime near the middle of THIS month.  GGG
GGG 8/01/12 Overview - 2503 GGG 8/01/12 Wooden forms are removed - 2504 GGG 8/01/12 Safety railings are installed - 2505
GGG 8/01/12 Ready for heavy sub-ballast  - 2506 GGG 8/01/12 see text above - 2507 CofH 8/01/12 see text above - 2508
August 6: Pics 2515-16: Bridge construction is nearly complete. The temporary safety railings have been removed along with most of the "false work". The bridge deck has been covered with two layers of a .5 inch rubberized waterproofing membrane. 2517: Looking over the Shoo-Fly and Summit Valley Rd at the .8 mile Eastward extension of Ranchero Rd. After the BNSF Main is moved to the bridge and the Shoo-Fly removed, the extension will be raised another eight feet. GGG
GGG 8/06/12 Bridge is almost complete - 2515 GGG 8/06/12 Deck is covered with rubber - 2516 GGG 8/06/12 Estward extension of Ranchero - 2517
August 8: Pics 2521-22: All wooden and steel forms and supports are being removed. The storm joint access pit has been refilled and compacted.
2523: The bridge approach sub-ballast has been groomed and compacted. GGG
GGG 8/08/12 Overview - 2521 GGG 8/08/12 All supports are removed - 2522 GGG 8/08/12 sub-ballast road bed in place - 2523
August 14: While Laura & I were making our way to Skagway Alaska to ride the White Pass & Yukon RR, Marc continued to document the BNSF Bridge project. 2530-31: Double dumps delivered and dumped ballast on the bridge while workers applied a "finish" to the structural concrete. 2532: The area around the RR Western extension of the drainage system was "groomed".
August 18: BNSF uses rail with wooden ties on bridges. We have been told that concrete ties wear and become unstable very rapidly when used on concrete or steel sub-surfaces --- even with the liberal use of ballast materials. 2533: Two lengths of "snap track" (with wooden ties) have been placed on the bridge. 2534: The lengths of rail removed from the mainline, when the shoo-fly was placed in service, have been repositioned. The streambed will empty into drain pictured in photo 2532. 2535: A stack of snap track, with wooden ties, has been delivered. Thanks Marc - MF/GGG
MF 8/14/12 Ballast dumped on the bridge - 2530 MF 8/14/12 Finishing touches to the concrete  2531 MF 8/14/12 Drainage area West end - 2532
MF 8/18/12 Track section w/wooden ties - 2533 MF 8/18/12 Adding rail sections to the Main - 2534 MF 8/18/12 Stack of "snap track" waiting - 2535
August 24: TRACK ON THE BRIDGE 2536: Noticed on the City of Hesperia web-cam that the 39 foot sections of wooden tied "snap track" had been aligned. Actually, those sections have been bolted together AND bolted to the concrete tied main line sections that ultimately will cross the new bridge.
2537: The joints between the wooden & concrete tied sections were left without ballast---evidently for welding. 2538-2539: The RR Western and Eastern ends of the new bridge mains are ready for reconnection, dressing and grooming. 2540: For the last year, we have watched the crews form and pour the large concrete culvert on the Eastern extension of Ranchero Rd --- water will flow from S Northward to
N. This culvert handles the storm water runoff of the Antelope Valley Wash. We figured that it was just another eight foot square concrete culvert ! ! ! !  2541: WRONG AGAIN --- The middle cell is twelve feet square and the outer four squares are ten feet square. The story is on page two of:  GGG
GGG 8/24/12 Tracks on the bridge - 2536 GGG 8/24/12 Connection wood/concrete ties - 2537 GGG 8/24/12 West side of flyover - 2538
GGG 8/24/12 East side of flyover - 2539 GGG 8/24/12 Culvert water flow S to N  - 2540 GGG 8/24/12 Huge size of 12 and 10 feet - 2541
September 7: On Friday (9/07/12), I spent a couple of hours catching up with DET on Hill 582. Saw a fair number of trains --- but nothing new or different. Decided to take the USFS road next to the UP Palmdale cutoff to get to the bridge project. Usually, the only problem with that very narrow route occurs when the UP is performing MOW. 2575-76: Well, no MOW but they were changing out a defective wheel set. The guys were super and mentioned that they would be finished in twenty minutes --- so I decided to watch. It was interesting watching the huge machines, manipulated by PRO's, do their thing.
2577-79: Last weeks work on the bridge centered on ballast tamping and regulating. Also, the joints between the wooden tied and concrete tied rail sections were welded. 2580: Riverside Construction has reassembled a small army of earth movers in preparation for removal of the shoo-fly. Also, there is still a small mountain of stored dirt and the Westward extension of Ranchero Road must be lowered to grade --- all of which must be moved to raise the Eastward extension of the road. I am told, that if all goes well, all remaining fill can be moved in less than a week. GGG
GGG 9/07/12 UP at Hiland - 2575 GGG 9/07/12 UP wheel set change - 2576 GGG 9/07/12 Bridge overview with tracks - 2577
GGG 9/07/12 Ballast tamping and regulating - 2578 GGG 9/07/12 Track joints are welded  - 2579 GGG 9/07/12 Lots of machinery and a Joshua - 2580
September 12: This week was the perfect time to cut-in the # 1 track over the bridge since there was a 5 mile long tie gang working on Main Track # 1 RR East of the bridge. Obviously, the # 1 was "closed". Last evening, after the tie gang had "hidden" their 20+ machines in the siding at Thorn (MP 41), the # 1 was opened for rail traffic over the bridge at restricted speed, ---- for the first time. Thanks to John (Wash., DC), who evidently watches the Hesperia web cam more than I do, for the heads-up. This AM, I drove over and talked to the tie gang foreman who gave me the plan for today. This afternoon the tie gang finished MT # 1, drove all the machines West to Lugo, transitioned onto the # 2 track, moved East to the Hesperia siding and started their "weekend".
2587-90: From early this morning --- Bridge Main Track # 1 is "tied in" and groomed however, the tie gang still works to the East. The MOW machines were lifted to unconnected Bridge # 2 track. Two WB's use the shoo-fly # 2 track. 2591: From this afternoon --- The # 1 track is ready for service.
2592-94: Just in time for my first train over the bridge, a GIANT PUFFY DARK Cloud moved in. BNSF 4382 and its DPU's are WB with the BOMB (ethanol).
2595: My second bridge train is BNSF 7772 WB. Oh well -- it'll be good and sunny from now on !!   GGG
GGG 9/12/12 Bridge Main # 1 is "tied in" - 2587 GGG 9/12/12 Tamper on Bridge Main # 2 - 2588 GGG 9/12/12 BNSF WB DPU's on shoo-fly - 2589
GGG 9/12/12 BNSF 7367 WB on shoo-fly #2 - 2590 GGG 9/12/12 # 1 track is ready for service - 2591 GGG 9/12/12 BNSF 4332 WB first train - 2592
GGG 9/12/12 First Train heading West - 2593 GGG 9/12/12 Firs train DPU's WB on bridge - 2594 GGG 9/12/12 BNSF 7772 WB 2nd train - 2595
September 19: 2624-27: The Ranchero Rd BNSF Bridge project is complete --- as far as the RR is concerned. Both bridge main lines are fully operational and the shoo-fly tracks are being removed. 2628-29: WB's at Hesperia.  GGG
GGG 9/19/12 BNSF 4677 WB MP-48 - 2624 GGG 9/19/12 First track of shoo-fly is gone - 2625 GGG 9/19/12 Work on shoo-fly - 2626
GGG 9/19/12 The track hook - 2627 GGG 9/19/12 BNSF 7247 WB Hesperia - 2628 GGG 9/19/12 UP 2463 WB Ethanol train - 2629
September 21: 2630-32: The shoo-fly tracks, relatively new wooden ties & ballast have been completely removed and stored. Ribbon rail from the shoo-fly has been moved near the jointed rail on the bridge --- probably to replace the present jointed rail sometime in the near future. The shoo-fly "berm" will be removed next week. Berms and K-Rails have been placed to protect the bridge columns from the earthmovers that will move a huge amount of fill from the Western extension of Ranchero Rd, under the bridge, to buildup the Eastern extension.  GGG
GGG 9/21/12 Bridge is fully operational - 2630 GGG 9/21/12 Shoo-fly tracks are gone - 2631 GGG 9/21/12 Ballast from shoo-fly - 2632
September 29: Here are 3 photos provied by the Web Cam of the City of Hesperia (COH) to see the current situation looking South. Heavy machinery is removing the soil down to the new Ranchero Road street level. The Summit Valley road has been lowered as well.
COH 9/26/12 Earthmovers in action - 2652 COH 9/26/12 Summit Valley Rd in service - 2653 COH 10/03/12 Overview 7 days later - 2654
October 3: Periodically, I'll continue to photograph the Ranchero Rd project but this will be the last set I will send to this RR group --- unless requested by those who may be interested in the rest of the project. Of course, we (on this page) continue to show the progress of the Ranchero Road construction.
Pictures 2655, 2657 & 2659, no matter the date on the image, represent how the project appeared on 24 September. Pictures 2656, 2658 & 2660 show the projects progress over the last 10 days --- the Shoo-Fly berm was removed, the Eastern extension of Ranchero Rd raised, and grading of the Westward Road extension was started. 2661-62: The construction workers parked their machines and, evidently, were served lunch.
Forming the intake for the storm drain. GGG
GGG 9/07/12 Before Shoo-fly removal - 2655 GGG 10/02/12 Eastern extension w/Bridge - 2656 GGG 5/05/12 Looking East  - 2657
GGG 10/02/12 Grading on the East side - 2658 GGG 9/19/12 Western side before - 2659 GGG 10/02/12 Western extension after - 2660
GGG 10/02/12 All machines are parked - 2661 GGG 10/02/12 Lunch time for the workers - 2662 GGG 10/02/12 Intake of storm drain - 2663
October 10: After visiting Hill 582 and West Summit Island, I stopped by both sides of the BNSF Bridge @ MP 48 to view the Ranchero Road construction progress. Riverside Const. was using eight huge earth movers to move the mountain of stockpiled dirt and to cut down the Western natural earth contour to the final road grade. Of course, the excess dirt is used to raise the level of the Eastward extension of Ranchero RD.
2673: An edited Google map showing my three photographic locations. 2674: From Photographic Location # 1. This bridge view, looking west from Summit Valley Rd, has only been available since the Shoo-Fly was removed. Most of our pictures have been taken at the near end of the sound wall protecting the home at the middle left. 2675-76: From Photo Location # 2 - our normal photo spot - The earth movers are moving the "mountain" of stored dirt to the Eastern Ranchero Rd extension. 2677: Concrete pouring "the mouth" of the storm drain extension. 2678: From Photo Location # 3 --- Looking East from 7th Street at the earth movers working on the stockpiled fill. GGG
GGG 10/10/12 Edited map w/3 locations - 2673 GGG 10/10/12 Location 1: BNSF Bridge - 2674 GGG 10/10/12 Location 2: earth moving - 2675
GGG 10/10/12 Eastern Ranchero Road - 2676 GGG 10/10/12 Concrete pouring - 2677 GGG 10/10/12 Location 3: looking East - 2678
October 24: Photos 2679-81: The construction folks are into their third week of grading the 1/2 mile Western approach to the Ranchero Rd underpass. The "mountain" of stored fill has been graded and moved to buildup the Eastern extension of Ranchero Rd using ten earth scrapers.
2682: The built up Eastward extension of Ranchero Rd. The 6 foot concrete pipe, which will drain the pictured hill into the huge box culvert, is being completed.
2683: This rather elaborate concrete catch basin will funnel storm runoff from the ditch which runs South to North along the BNSF.
2684: Gary S. from Ohio caught this Web Cam picture of me (on the left) "refereeing" a rather heated debate between two STRONG Romney supporters and one very outspoken Obama supporter. BTW, the third guy is almost hidden by the truck camper shell. GGG
GGG 10/24/12 Western part of new - 2679 GGG 10/24/12 Ranchero Road - 2680 GGG 10/24/12 Ten earth scrapers are busy - 2681
GGG 10/24/12 Eastward view w/drainage - 2682 GGG 10/24/12 Storm runoff inlet - 2683 COH 10/24/12 Gary and friends on site - 2684
November 16: It has been three weeks since I checked the progress on the Ranchero Rd / BNSF bridge project and so yesterday (Friday), I ventured the eight miles. The "gross" removal of a huge amount of dirt fill has been completed and the 'near final' road grade achieved.
2685: With the hill removed, most of the near two mile project is visible from 7th Street ---- at the far Western end of construction. The 5 ft concrete storm drain sections are being installed (west) uphill. As mentioned, storm water runoff has always been a HUGE problem in Hesperia and hopefully, this drainage system will alleviate some of the yearly flooding of local homes. 2686-88: From our normal photographic point, looking back West, North, and NE at the installation of the drainage system. 2689: Looking at the Eastward extension of Ranchero Rd. The telephoto lens "flattens" the picture however the increase in elevation of the road is evident. 2690: BNSF 7494 WB @ MP 48. GGG
GGG 11/16/12 5ft storm drain pipes are ready -2685 GGG 11/16/12 Looking West - 2686 GGG 11/16/12 Installation of drainage system - 2687
GGG 11/16/12 A double stack is passing by - 2688 GGG 11/16/12 Looking Eastward - 2689 GGG 11/16/12 BNSF 7494 WB on the bridge - 2690
December 10: There has been little VISIBLE change in the road project over the last two weeks.
2726: Looking NE: The 39 foot sections of "snap track" rail, on the BNSF bridge, have been replaced with welded ribbon rail. The Eastward Ranchero Rd extension has been built up to its near final elevation.
2727-28: Looking North and West: The Western Road extension is evidently being lowered even more. The excess dirt, not needed for the Eastern extension, is being trucked off-site for disposal. Forms for a retaining wall are being built below our photographic "pearch". GGG
GGG 12/10/12 Looking North East - 2726 GGG 12/10/12 Looking North - 2727 GGG 12/10/12 Looking West - 2728
2013 (from January 5 to March 6)

# 2738: After taking the Holiday month off from railfaning and visiting the Ranchero Rd project, this last weekend I decided to visit all available project areas. The only real way to explain my travels is to quickly label another Google map. # 2739: The entire road project from Position “A” --- looking East from the far Western end of the project. # 2740: You can’t hide! The Hesperia Web Cam caught me and the Cajon MUD-mobile at Position “B" --- our usual photographic location. # 2741: Looking back West from Position “B”. # 2742: Looking East from Position “B”. # 2743-44: Looking West and East from Position “C” (Summit Valley Rd). To get from “B” to “C” (about a quarter mile) required a drive of about six miles --- one of the reasons for the project. The position and shape of the future traffic control islands can be seen. # 2745: Shows the “fill” above the “ANTELOPE VALLEY WASH” from Position “D”. The middle box culvert is fifteen feet square and the other four are ten feet square each. Obviously, the “wash” handles a tremendous amount of runoff during our infrequent but heavy storms.
# 2746: The entire project from Position “E” looking West.  GGG

GGG 1/05/13 Google map with markings - 2738 GGG 1/05/13 Whole project from A to East - 2739 GGG 1/05/13 Gary below left and his Pickup - 2740
GGG 1/05/13 Looking West from Pos. B - 2741 GGG 1/05/13 Looking East from Pos. B - 2742 GGG 1/05/13 Looking West with BNSF bridge - 2743
GGG 1/05/13 Looking East from Pos. C - 2744 GGG 1/05/13 Shows the fill from Pos. D - 2745 GGG 1/05/13 from E looking West - 2746
February 5: Got over to the Ranchero Rd Construction Office and to the road project on 2/05/2013.
To cut the western Ranchero Rd extension down to final grade level, approximately 628,000 cubic yards of dirt was moved to buildup the Eastern extension. 57,000 cubic yards of crushed rock will be used to build a sub roadbed which will be approximately 5 inches thick at 95% compaction. The project is scheduled for completion in June of this year.
# 2759: Google Map indicating photographic locations.
From "C"---Summit Valley / Santa Fe East Rd # 2760: Ranchero Rd Eastward extension.
# 2761: Ranchero Rd Westward extension.
From "B" # 2762: Looking West toward 7th Street. # 2763: Looking East. # 2764: Long lens view of Eastward extension. Curbing for the traffic control islands has been poured and crushed rock is being dumped, graded, and compacted into the sub roadbed. GGG
GGG 2/05/13 Map with photo locations - 2759 GGG 2/05/13 Eastward extension - 2760 GGG 2/05/13 Westward extension - 2761
GGG 2/05/13 Looking West toward 7th St. - 2762 GGG 2/05/13 Looking East - 2763 GGG 2/05/13 Eastward extension - 2764
February 15: This Friday @ BNSF Cajon Sub MP 48 (Ranchero Road). # 2765: One lane of the Eastern extension was paved. # 2766-2767: Concrete "eyebrow" water runoff control ditches were being installed along the Western extension of Ranchero Rd and the final road grade was being established.
# 2768-2769: UP 7661 & BNSF 7560 are WB on the Ranchero Rd overpass. # 2770: BNSF 5500 West approaches the new bridge through East Hesperia.
GGG 2/15/13 One lane was paved, East side - 2765 GGG 2/15/13 "eyebrow" water runoff control - 2766 GGG 2/15/13 ditches being installed, West - 2767
GGG 2/15/13 UP 7661 WB on new bridge - 2768 GGG 2/15/13 BNSF 7560 WB MP 48 - 2769 GGG 2/15/13 BNSF 5500 WB before bridge - 2770
March 6: For any still interested ---- There is real and visible progress on the Ranchero Rd project.
# 2771-2772: Looking East --- Paving is complete on the Eastern extension of the project. However, the road cannot be opened until side safety railings, lane striping, and traffic signals (at the near intersection) are installed. # 2773: Looking Wes ---- drainage ditches, retaining walls and curbing have been installed. According to the severity our approaching weather system, paving of the Western extension SHOULD be completed by 15 March 2013. BTW, The curbing was installed by a "continuous pour machine" using precision GPS guidance. GGG
GGG 3/06/13 Looking East - 2771 GGG 3/06/13 Paving is complete - 2772 GGG 3/06/13 Looking West - 2773
April 3: I just noticed on the Hesperia CA web cam that the construction forces were paving the Westward extension of Ranchero Rd --- from Santa Fe Rd WEST & uphill to 7th Street.
# 2774: Looking NE, paving under BNSF bridge. # 2775: Looking W, Paving Westward ALMOST to 7th St. Paving is halted there to allow ----. # 2776: Project view Eastward. # 2777: Looking NORTH along 7th across Ranchero Rd. The existing storm drain from WEST to EAST (drains Hesperia & Oak Hills) is being tied into the new LARGE drain --- which heads EAST under the new BNSF bridge and will empty into the Antelope Valley Wash.  GGG
GGG 4/03/13 Looking NE paving - 2774 GGG 4/03/13 Looking West paving going on  2775 GGG 4/03/13 Looking Eastward - 2776
GGG 4/03/13 Looking North - 2777 GGG 5/25/13 Looking East - 2778 GGG 5/25/13 Completed Western Ext. - 2779
May 25: Well, the Ranchero Rd / BNSF Bridge project is essentially complete. I will try to get to the GRAND OPENING next month. It has been a pleasure and I'm still amazed at your interest in this project. Note: The web-cams and their 30 foot poles have been removed.
# 2778:
The Eastern extension of Ranchero Rd from near the BNSF RR Bridge. # 2779: The completed Western extension of Ranchero Rd. # 2780:  The entire project --- Looking West from the far Eastern end. # 2781: Photographed near the project, the ULTIMATE RailFan vehicle rests outside a Hesperia Junk Yard.
GGG 5/25/13 Looking West (BNSF bridge) - 2780 GGG 5/25/13 Railfan Vehicle XXL - 2781 GGG 5/29/13 Looking East (BMSF bridge) - 2782
May 29: Today, I visited the construction office for the BNSF Bridge / Ranchero Rd project. The project is 95% complete and the grand opening ceremony is scheduled for the end of June. They are now awaiting installation of the Traffic Control signals at Ranchero Rd and Santa Fe Ave / Summit Valley Rd.
The WebCams have been removed and placed four miles to the West at the newly started Ranchero Rd / Interstate 15 interchange.
Photo # 2782: is a West to East view of the entire project.  GGG
May 29: Was out at the new BNSF bridge over Ranchero Rd today. # 3088: UP 7375 is WB @ MP 48. # 3089: BNSF 7378 is EB @ MP 48.
# 3090: BNSF 7516 leads the ethanol loads WB.  GGG
GGG 5/29/13 UP 7375 WB on Bridge - 2783 GGG 5/29/13 BNSF 7378 EB MP 48 - 2784 GGG 5/29/13 BNSF 7516 WB on Bridge - 2785
June 14: # 2786: Facing West and # 2787 East --- Lane striping and traffic control signs have been placed. The traffic control signals at Santa Fe Ave / Summit Valley Rd & Ranchero RD are being installed. # 2788: BNSF 7229 is EB @ MP 48. GGG
GGG 6/14/13 Looking West - 2786 GGG 6/14/13 Looking East - 2787 GGG 6/14/13 BNSF 7229 EB MP 48 - 2788
June 29, 2013: Grand Opening of Ranchero Road
Saturday (06-29-13): 1000 folks attended the Grand Opening Ceremony of Hesperia's Ranchero Rd. Marc & I were joined at the festivities by Ruedi & Hans (Switzerland). At 10:00 AM, the temperature was 98 F and later topped out at 111 F.
# 2789: The ceremony was held under the BNSF bridge and a tent which helped --- a bit. # 2790-2792: There was plenty of train traffic-most of whom "SALUTED" the crowd with LOUD horn BLASTS. # 2793-2796: In the far lanes, several of the many beautifully restored and maintained classic parade cars are visible. # 2797-2798: Even more train traffic. # 2799-2800: BagPipe & Drum Corps marched while the ribbon was cut by a classic Dodge Coronet R/T.
# 2801: The classic car parade climbs the Eastern extension of Ranchero Rd. # 2802: UP 5897 is EB with an empty coal train thru East Hesperia.
# 2803: UP 8384 is EB at MP 39.2.   GGG (looking for a new project)
GGG 6/29/13 Ceremony under BNSF Bridge - 2789 GGG 6/29/13 BNSF 7444 EB MP 48 - 2790 GGG 6/29/13 BNSF 7748 WB - 2791
GGG 6/29/13 BNSF 7701 DPU's for WB - 2792 GGG 6/29/13 Classic Cars, Double Decker - 2793 GGG 6/29/13 Classic Cars - 2794
GGG 6/29/13 Classic & Muscle Cars - 2795 GGG 6/29/13 Lots of cool cars - 2796 GGG 6/29/13 BNSF 7780 EB - 2797
GGG 6/29/13 BNSF 7110 EB - 2798 GGG 6/29/13 BagPipe & Drum Corps - 2799 GGG 6/29/13 Ribbon Cut w/Dodge Coronet - 2800
GGG 6/29/13 Classic Car Parade - 2801 GGG 6/29/13 UP 5897 EB Hesperia - 2802 GGG 6/29/13 UP 8384 WB MP 39.1 - 2803
With these photos of the Grand Opening Ceremony we come to an End of this documentation. A big thank you goes to Gary Gray who was running around to get the latest photos of every step of the construction of the new BNSF Bridge and the new stretch of the Ranchero Road. WM (7/01/13)


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