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added: July 7, 2010  / updated: October 14, 2016

Cajon Pass Map with New BNSF Third Main Track
We are very thankful to Michael Amrine, who took the time to draw a special map with all tracks over Cajon Pass as it is today, 2010.

Elevation of BNSF Summit is 3777 feet - 1151 m (I-15 Summit is 4190 feet - 1280 m)
We are having a great photo documentation of the 3MT Contruction by BNSF with more than 900 photos.
Take a look, you will be impressed (links are below the map).

© 2010 Michael Amrine - All Rights Reserved -

Did you see the fantastic Cajon Pass Photography by Michael Amrine on - click here

October 14, 2016: Highway 138 (East) Realignment Project is now under way.
For all who are familiar with Hwy 138 while visitting Cajon Pass, are aware of the old two lane and curvy Highway 138 coming from exit # 131 (I-15) and going to Summit. Several years ago, Hwy 138 has been widened after the exit toward Summit for the first 1.9 mls. But from that point up to Summit, it is a curvy up and down slow speed (mountain) road. Three bridges and one undercrossing will be built.
(Hog Ranch Creek Bridge, Vjner's Shack Creek Bridge, OHV Undercrossing, Double Drajn Cheek Bridge)
 Map copyright by Caltrans and RUS -  6214
more infos:
more detailed infos with different maps:

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MILEPOSTS (MP) between Barstow and San Bernradino over Cajon Pass

The original track through Cajon was completed in 1885 with a ruling grade of 3%. The MilePosts were numbered from East to West starting at Barstow.

In 1913, a two mile longer second main track was completed with a ruling grade of 2.2%. The NEW 1913 main became the NORTH (#1) track while the original track became the SOUTH (#2) track. Since there was a two mile difference in the tracks between West Summit Island and Cajon Jct, the new MilePosts for the North track were given an "X" to denote a separate track. When the #1 and #2 tracks returned to parallel running at Cajon Jct, the newer North #1 track simply "lost" two miles and became MilePost equal to the original track.

With completion of construction of the new Third Main track, the "MILES" on MilePosts on the #1 and #2 tracks were lengthened to about 1.15 miles each to coincide (at Cajon Jct) with the 1913 track Mile Posts. In other words, for railroad purposes the distance between Summit and Cajon is now considered to be the same for all three tracks, even though the actual distance is 1.15 miles between mile posts on tracks #1 and #2.


Barstow - Summit Summit - Cajon Station (2,2 %) Cajon Station - San Bernardino
MP Location MP Location MP Location
0.0 Barstow 55.9 Summit 62.8 Cajon Station
6.7 Lenwood 56.7X West Summit Island 63.4 Curved Bridge
13.6 Hodge 57.2X Silverwood - Bridge USFS 3N45 64.4 Swarthout Canyon Road X-ing
21.1 Helendale 58.2X Hill 582 65.0 Blue Cut
31.5 Oro Grande 58.9X former Tunnel 1 (Alray) 67.3 Old Keenbrook
34.6 East Victorville 59.2X former Tunnel 2 (Alray) 69.4 Keenbrook
36.7 Victorville 59.5X Bridge over Baldy Mesa Road 71.0 Devore
38.0 Frost 60.2X CP Walker 73.9 Verdemont
39.1 Flyover 60.6X Davis Ranch Road X-ing 75.0 Ono
41.1 Thorn 62.2X Pine Lodge - Mormon Rocks 79.9 Baseline
45.1 Hesperia 63.0X Sullivan's Curve 80.6 7th Street
50.1 Lugo 64.1X Bridge over Cajon Creek 81.4 San Bernardino
52.8 Martinez 62.8 Cajon Station - -
55.9 Summit - - - -


8 different and detailed Maps of Cajon Pass with captions (Mile Posts and Location) by Gary G. Gray - click here
New 8/11: Maps "How to find" Hill 582, Sullivan's Curve, Noisy Point by Gary G. Gray - click here

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