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added / updated: 8/23  -  sold out 4/24

Code HF-168: HO Scale: CIL # 2463.1S, SP/RI, Golden State, 10-Car Set, F/P, '02-run, sFr. 2900.-  consignment
(full interior, except Observation, pls read details at the end of this page) - Set B-1 and B-2
on sale 35 % discount = net sFr. 1885.-
Consist Box B-1: SP # 5066 RPO, RI # 6015 Baggage/Dormitory, RI # 341 48-Seat Chair *Golden Bell",
RI # 343 48-Seat Chair "Golden Lute", RI # 411 Coffee Shop Lounge * Golden Bowl"
SP # 5066 RPO
RI # 6015 Baggage/Dormitory
RI # 341 48-Seat Chair *Golden Bell"
RI # 343 48-Seat Chair "Golden Lute"
RI # 411 Coffee Shop Lounge * Golden Bowl"
Consist Box B-2: RI # 426 36-Seat Diner "Golden Repast", RI 6-6-4 Sleeper "Golden Plaza",
RI 4-4-2 Sleeper "Golden Sunset", SP 4-4-2 Sleeper "Golden River"
RI Observation "La Mirada", pls note: this is not made by CIL (details at the end of this page)
RI # 426 36-Seat Diner "Golden Repast"
RI 6-6-4 Sleeper "Golden Plaza"
RI 4-4-2 Sleeper "Golden Sunset"
SP 4-4-2 Sleeper "Golden River"
RI Observation "La Mirada", pls note: this car was not made by CIL (probably Soho?)
there are less details, no interior, no lights, blue tinted windows (does not reall match the other cars)
(the correct Observation "Golden Divan" does not exist and was replaced by "La Mirada").
therefore: we reduced the price of this Set from sFr. 4000.- down to sFr. 2900.- !


U/P = Un Painted, C/P = Custom Painted, F/P = Factory Painted, P/P = Pro Painted, TA = Tarnished, WEA = Weathered,
NP = Nickel Plated, NOB = Not Original Box, not ready = model is at the repair shop!, res. = reserved (on hold),
sold = verkauft (sold out), sale = reduced price, % = Discount should be deducted from the listed price, foam = foam was replaced.

All prices are listed in Swiss Francs sFr. / CHF and are not negotiable !
We ship world wide and accept PayPal.

Zwischenverkauf vorbehalten  -  Preisänderungen sind jederzeit möglich
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