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added / updated: 9/21

Trafo, DCC Systems,  consignment
sometimes we get second hand throttles, transformers, DCC Systems / Occasions Trafos / DCC und Zubehör


Circuitron (Detectors/Relay/Flasher)
BD-1 (list Price sFr. 42.-) sale sFr. 20.-  (2 x) DT-4 (list Price sFr. 66.-) sale sFr. 33.-  (1 x)
ER-1 (list Price sFr. 21.-) sale sFr. 10.-  (2 x) FL-2 (list Price sFr. 24.-) sale sFr. 12.-  (2 x)


Lenz DCC Bausteine
LR-101 Rückmeldebaustein
sFr. 20.- (1 x)
LS-110 Weichendecoder
sFr. 20.- (4 x)
LK-100 Kehrschleifenmodul
sFr. 10.- (4 x)


Front mit 3 Schaltern / Rückseite mit 3 separaten Ausgängen mit Sicherung
UHE-NG: Morep, Netzgerät 220 Volt / 24 Volt, Gewicht ca. 10 kg. NP sFr. 300.-, on sale sFr. 125.-


MRC Sound Master 210
MRC Sound Master 210, inkl. Lautsprecher, Netzgerät 110 Volt, NP sFr. 350.-, on sale sFr. 50.-


MTH Operating Billboards Spur O (25 x 18 x 10 cm)
MTH 30-9131 Operating Circus Billboard / MTH 30-9132 Operating Railtown Billboard, NP sFr. 150.- on sale je sFr. 30.-


SOLD OUT  -  below are sold out items - not available anymore / unten sind ausverkaufte Artikel


Hansa Aero-Pro Airbrush Absauganlage

Hansa Aero-Pro Airbrush Spritzkabine mit Ventilator 220 Volt, Filtermatte und Haube (zum Anschrauben)
Masse Kabine: 40 x 16 x 10 cm (ohne Haube), Art.-No. 418511 und 418512, neu, NP: sFr. 334.- on sale sFr. 150.-
sold out 11/18


DCC System by Digitrax,  consignment
BM-22: Digitrax DCS50 LocoNet Zephyr, NP 280.-, sale sFr. 125.-  /  BM-23. Digitrax DT400 Throttle, sale sFr. 95.-
both items sold out 12/18


New 11/18: PBL, Foreground Sound System w/Remote, incl. Switchman, HPS-62, sFr. 195.-  consignment
(both with 110 Volt Power Pack)  -  sold out 12/18

Please note: This System will work for Sn3 models with PBL-Sound


Steam Sound System by Soundtraxx,  consignment
CH-1676: Soundtraxx S220-IR, Steam Sound System, + Passive Filter + PF220 Filter + RS50 Remote Sensor
never used, now on sale Set sFr. 195.-  -  sold out 10/18


Trafo by Trix and Titan,  consignment
BM-21: Trix Trafo Vario, sFr. 50.- sold / UG-98: Trix Trafo Duo 1800, sFr. 10.- sold
UG-100: Titan Trafo 218, 100 VA,  sFr. 50.-   sold out 3/19


res. = reserved (on hold), sold = verkauft (sold out),  % = Discount should be deducted from the price,
sFr. = Swiss Francs (CHF), sale = reduced net price, foam = old foam was replaced.
All prices are listed in Swiss Francs sFr. / CHF  -  We ship world wide!

Zwischenverkauf vorbehalten  -  Preisänderungen sind jederzeit möglich
Please ask for availability  -  Prices may change anytime

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