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added: 12/12/13  /  updated: 1/05/14  /  11/15/17 (C)

HO Scale Freight Cars with Graffiti and some Weathering
On this page, I am going to present some of my special freight cars for my layout (not for sale).
Auf dieser Seite präsentiere ich ein paar spezielle Güterwagen für meine Anlage (unverkäuflich).


A) Jumbo size Graffiti on a 64' Reefer (from real thing to an HO model)
During my June 2011 Cajon Pass visit, I was able to catch this ARMN 64' Reefer in an Union Pacific NB train passing Hill 582 on the Colton-Palmdale cutoff. I was really impressed with this huge graffiti of a monkey drinking water.
There are many cars with graffiti on this train - take a look - click here
The left graffiti with the green monsters have been applied to a BLMA 64' Reefer
The picture of the monkey lost color while copied down on the blank decal sheet.
On the rear side are graffiti decals made by Blair Lines.
This is a brass model of an 86' Hi-Cube Box Car for CP Rail.

Thanks to Albert Mader for painting and weathering this model.

Special thanks to Peter Schönenberger for this unique box car and the custom made monkey graffiti.

Thanks to Kim Nipkow, who placed the other 3 graffiti decals from Blair Line.

updated: 11/20/13


B) Huge Graffiti on Auto Rack (from real thing to an HO model) by Peter Schönenberger
Photo of this CSX Bi-Level Auto Rack was taken on 3/13 in Duplainville, WI by Tom Stebly (copyright).
This is the result on an UP Auto Rack in HO Scale
Photo of this CSX Tri-Level Auto Rack was taken on 9/13 in McWillie, OK by Tom Stebly (copyright).


C) Different Graffiti on a UP Auto Rack (HO scale) by Peter Schönenberger
no question, once again Peter Schönenbergre made a fantastic job


D) Special Graffiti with a Cat (from real thing to an HO model)
Photo of this car was taken in Revelstoke, BC (Canada) by Markus Senn in 2013.
This special (custom made) graffiti looks great on this model.
On the rear side is another graffiti decal.
This is an Atlas Tank Car.

Thanks to Markus Senn for the original photo.

Special thanks to Peter Schönenberger for creating this "one of a kind" graffiti on this tank car.

updated: 11/20/13
Here is another tank car with a special graffiti made by Peter Schönenberger.
this huge graffiti has been seen on a real tank car and was copied and transferred on a decal sheet.
close up of left side
close up of right side
Here is another tank car with a special graffiti made by Peter Schönenberger.


E) 64' Reefers with Graffiti and some weathering
This UP ARMN Reefer got graffiti decals and soft weathering by Kim Nipkow
Also this CEFX reefer got a soft weathering by Kim Nipkow
No weathering on this reefer but some nice graffiti decals by Kim Nipkow
And the 4th reefer looks again different on both sides by Kim Nipkow
This reefer got self made decals by Peter Schönenberger


F) A Santa Fe Auto Rack with heavy weathering and rust by Kim Nipkow
No question, this Auto Carrier looks very realistic and Kim did a great job.

These models are not for sale - private collection
Diese Modelle sind unverkäuflich - Privatsammlung

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