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updated: 10. March / März 2012 

HO-Layout "Golden Fifties" (Santa Fe & Union Pacific)
by Reto Frick
FT's coming out of the tunnel and are rolling over the lower level bridge Warbonnets passing the same bridge from the other side
Reefer train passing the lower level bridge this reefer train will soon enter the tunnel at right
Big Boy on the upper level bridge Big Boys coming from the other side
Big Boys are passing the first bridge on the lower level and along the steep rock formations
2 Big Boys in action inside the layout and outside on the upper level
even the landscaping need some work, trains are rolling over temp. roadbed looking from the inside toward the valley (blue styrofoam)
future site of valley with bridges temporare boards will be replaced by bridges
taken in May 2009 - inside the layout are the helix loops Helix loops are built to be able to go from the lower to the upper level
taken in 2011 - upper (double track) and lower bridges (single track) - 43 tunnel portals are in place - 44
both singel track bridges are mounted - 35 double track bridge behind - 38
new double track bridge seen from above - 39 finsihed double track bridge - 40
the double track bridge is painted - 41 double track bridge seen from below - 42
finally mounted douböe track bridge on top - 36 the first trains are rolling over the new bridge - 37

all photos by Reto Frick

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