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updated: August 2, 2011

Cajon Pass - Map of Sullivan's Curve
by Gary G. Gray


Below is a Google map showing directions to Sullivan's Curve.
Here are three edited Google maps showing the most common route used to visit Sullivanís Curve. Yearly, hundreds of railfans visit the area without incident, however we feel it necessary to enclose several "cautions".
Hwy 138 is a very narrow, winding and high-speed road. The turn onto the Lone Pine Canyon Road and then onto 2N89 deserve considerable caution.
The gravel road leading to Sullivanís shares space with the UPRR and can be very rough and narrow. We see numerous automobiles on the curve but a vehicle with some clearance is recommended.
Snakes and Bee Hives are common throughout Cajon. Rattle Snakes are seen frequently. Children and pets should be closely monitored when visiting all areas of Cajon Pass. Common sense rules of exploring any desert should be adhered to.
Please respect the land and stay away from the tracks.
The Hill 582 Bunch (GGG & DET) 8/02/11


For bigger size map photos with captions please click on the 4-digit number. Both maps show details for the Overview Map above.
Lone Pine Canyon Road Detail - 1183 Sullivan's Curve Overlook Detail - 1184

Below are photos taken from the air on June 2, 2010. Even there was not a single train in the Pass during our flight, it
still gives an idea about the different locations. We also recommend to see our 8 diff. maps by Gary Gray (see below).

Cajon Pass
Aerial Photos


by Werner Meer
June 2, 2010

Updated: 7/08/2010
WM 6/02/10 Hill 582, BNSF MT-2/-1, UPT - 4033 See all 150 photos - click here WM 6/02/10 Tunnel 1 shotcrete retaining wall - 4082

Here you find some maps and more infos about Cajon Pass and the former Tunnels:

8 different and detailed Maps of Cajon Pass with captions (Mile Posts and Location) by Gary G. Gray - click here
Accurate Map of Cajon Pass with 3rd Main Track by Michael Amrine - click here
Cajon Pass Map by Wikimapia (easy to enlarge every location): 
Railfan Map of Cajon Pass by Joe Perry: 
Map of Cajon Area (Inland Empire):
Here are photos of the 2 tunnels before construction started: click here

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