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updated: March 25, 2010

Cajon Pass Photo Collection
2007 and 2008
by Michael Frei, Switzerland

I am very pleased to show some exclusive photos of Michael Frei.

A big thank you for sharing these excellent pictures with us.
Note: The copyright belongs to this gentleman. Do not use any photos without written permission.

Photos are sorted by location from West to East (not by date, number or railroad):
Summit (Hiland), Lugo, Hesperia, Frost/Crossover, Victorville, Lenwood

Abbreviations found on this page: EB = East Bound, NB = North Bound, SB = South Bound, WB = West Bound, MT-1 = BNSF Main Track 1, MT-2 = BNSF Main Track 2, MT-3 BNSF Main Track 3 (former South Track), MP = Mile Post, DPU = Distributed Power Unit (Helpers), TOFC = Trailer on Flat Car, UPC = Union Pacific Colton Palmdale Cutoff

For bigger size photos - please click on the 4-digit number below each photo.

November 2007
We start our Journey at Cajon Pass Summit MP 56.7. The 3rd Main Track of BNSF is still under construction.
BNSF EB on MT-2 at Summit Curve - F-101 Same BNSF EB train entering Summit - F-102 BNSF 7645 GE ES44DC is the leader - F-103
BNSF WB at Summit from MT-3 to MT-2 - F-104 Another BNSF WB on MT-3 (South Track) - F-105 BNSF WB DPU's leaving Summit - F-106
Upper left is UP's Hiland on UPC - F-107 BNSF EB TOFC on Summit Curve - F-108 BNSF EB meet BNSF WB at Summit - F-109
EMD SD60 Oakway Leasing - F-110 UP WB w/NS loco from MT-1 to MT-2 - F-111 End of UP train and BNSF WB on hold - F-112
BNSF WB is passing BNSF on MT-3 - F-113 After all, BNSF WB got green light - F-114 BNSF EB on MT-2 w/new roadbed of 3MT - F-115
BNSF WB Double Stack on MT-3 - F-116 UP SB on UP Cutoff  - F-117 Double Stack meet at Summit Curve - F-118
BNSF EB, see faded paint on 2nd loco - F-119 Same EB is meeting a WB at Summit - F-120 BNSF WB, Summit after the cut - F-121
Bye bye Summit
next stop is Lugo
(between Summit and Hesperia)
Above the BNSF engine is Hiland on UPC - F-122 Lugo below BNSF WB pass EB at Lugo - F-123
BNSF WB mixed freight - F-124 Same BNSF WB w/DPU's at rear end - F-125 BNSF WB at low sun - F-126
BNSF EB w/CSX up front on hold - F-127 BNSF EB double stack - F-128 BNSF WB double stack - F-129
CSX still on hold w/UP lite engines passing - F-130 UP lite engine move w/2 ex. SP's - F-131 Next BNSF WB double stack - F-132
Here comes another BNSF EB pass CSX - F-133 BNSF WB double stack - F-134 BNSF WB TOFC train - F-135
Same train w/UPS trailers - F-136 BNSF EB w/3rd engine from KCS - F-137 BNSF WB double stack - F-138
Same WB train w/matching color containers - F-139 And onother BNSF WB double stack - F-140 Same WB w/J.B. Hunt containers - F-141
Same train close up - F-142 BNSF EB double stack - what else? - F-143 Next BNSF WB double stack - F-144
The big double stack meet at Lugo - F-145 BNSF EB getting closer - F-146 and closer - F-147
Still the same train w/warbonnet 2nd unit - F-148 BNSF WB rounding the curve toward Summit - F-149 Lugo Signal at low sunlight - F-150
East meets West (on hold) - F-151 EB is rolling against Sunset - F-152 The perfect meet in the evening sun - F-153
Frost - Flyover MP 39.1
BNSF WB on Flyover - F-154 Rear end DPU's on same WB tarin - F-155 BNSF WB rolling over EB train - F-156
GE Evolution series ES44 - F-157 Dash-8 w/open side doors - F-158 DPU on WB train above double stack - F-159
BNSF WB DPU after the flyover - F-160 BNSF WB coming from Victorville - F-161 BNSF WB on top and UP EB below - F-162
That's the end of the year 2007
The perfect crossing at the flyover - F-163 x Victorville - F-164


October 2008
Once again, my journey starts at BNSF Summit MP 56.7. The 3rd Main Track is in full operation !
BNSF WB from MT-3 to MT-2 - F-201 BNSF EB on new MT-1 at Summit curve - F-202 East on MT-1 meets West on MT-2 - F-203
Same BNSF WB as on F-201 - F-204 End of train w/DPU's at rear end - F-205 BNSF EB on MT-2 entering Summit curve - F-206
BNSF EB getting closer - F-207 BNSF 7399 + 7613 = GE ES44DC - F-208 BNSF EB on MT-3 at Summit Curve - F-209
BNSF EB entering Summit Cut - F-210 BNSF WB w/Auto Max Cars on MT-3 - F-211 BNSF EB double stack on MT-2 - F-212
Same BNSF EB at Summit Curve - F-213 UP SB on new MT-1 - F-214 UP 8464 = EMD SD70ACe - F-215
BNSF WB on MT-3 - F-216 See BNSF Ballast Train inside double stack - F-217 BNSF as seen in the distance on last photo - F-218
From Summit, I went toward Hesperia
and stopped at Lugo
UP SD70ACe helpers on MT-1 - F-219 Lugo below BNSF EB Ethanol tank train - F-220
BNSF WB double stack - F-221 same train getting closer - F-222 UP EB w/GE C45ACCTE - F-223
BNSF EB TOFC - F-224 2nd unit is a SD60 Oakway Lesing - F-225 BNSF EB mixed freight - F-226
Same EB w/5 units - F-227 UP EB mixed freight - F-228 UP rear end DPU on EB mixed freight - F-229
Same train w/helper - F-230 UP EB double stack - F-231 Same UP train getting closer - F-232
Another UP EB mixed freight - F-233 Rear end DPU's on the same train - F-234 BNSF EB TOFC - F-235
Same BNSF EB - F-236 Another BNSF EB TOFC - F-237 And another BNSF EB TOFC - F-238
BNSF EB double stack - F-239 BNSF WB double stack - F-240 Same train getting closer - F-241
BNSF EB mixed freight - F-242 BNSF WB mixed freight - F-243 ex. Santa Fe Warbonnet on the point - F-244
BNSF EN TOFC - F-245 BNSF WB w/rear end DPU's - F-246 BNSF EB waiting for UP EB - F-247
UP EB passing BNSF EB - F-248 Same UP train, UP 7719 = ES44AC - F-249 Still same UP EB train - F-250
Last photo of the the same UP train - F-251 BNSF EB Auto Rack train - F-252 BNSF Heritage 2, Warbonnet and KCS - F-253
BNSF WB double stack - F-254 BNSF EB TOFC - F-255 BNSF EB at Lugo - F-256
BNSF EB at Hesperia - F-257 Same BNSF w/8 units at Hesperia-  F-258 BNSF EB on Flyover at Frost - F-259
Frost - Flyover MP 39.1 (incl. F-259)
Same BNSF WB in the evening sun - F-260 Double stack meet at Frost - F-261 Same trains - F-262
DPU's on BNSF WB w/SF Warbonnet - F-263 UP WB w/zoom tele lens - Frost F-264 BNSF WB on Flyover - F-265
BNSF WB w/several units - F-266 Last photo at Frost - F-267 Lenwood -  F-268
Lenwood (near West Barstow) incl. F-268
Next BNSF train - F-269 UP meets BNSF - F-270 UP double stack pass BNSF train - F-271
BNSF mixed freight - F-272 BNSF double stack - F-273 BNSF w/Warbonnet on the point - F-274
Another double stack - F-275 BNSF at full throttle - F-276 Crossing at sunset - F-277

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