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 Added:  May 9, 2014  /  Updated: June 3, 2018  /  March 14, 2019

Union Pacific Big Boy 4014
Moving from Pomona, CA to Las Vegas, NV
I am very pleased to show some exclusive photos of Gary G. Gray (GGG), Marc Fournier (MF),
Bruce H. Jones (BHJ) also known as Doc Jones, Don E. Toles (DET), Keith Schreiber (KAS),
Ryan Slaton (RS), Karl Joost (KHJ), Butch Fahnestock (BF)
Guest photographers: Rolf Stumpf (RST) Germany, Werner Meer (WM) Switzerland
A big thank you for sharing these excellent pictures with us.
Note: The copyright belongs to these gentlemen. Do not use any photos without written permission.
WM 7/2008: UP Big Boy 4014 on display at the "Rail Giants" Museum in Pomona, CA
Official Website of the Rail Giants Train Museum:


Big Boy Restoration Update June 2018:
2019 Union Pacific Steam Schedule:


Just scroll down to see the latest news of 8/11/16 and photos
The "BIG TRANSFER" started on April 28 and ended on May 8 at Cheyenne.


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Official UP 4014 page:
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Video clip (first move of 4014) from KABC TV channel 7 in L.A. :
L.A. Times (11/15/13):,0,6608450.story#axzz2kowPu5ze
Youtube film of first move (11/14/13) by Mr. MRL 5'23":
First steps of UP 4014 (11/14/13) by Austin Goodwin 20'27":
Big Boy Song on UP 4014 by The Altar Billies:
Trains Magazine (lots of infos, movies, photos etc):

For bigger size photos - please click on the 4-digit number below each photo.

Official Press Conference for symbolic "First Move of UP Big Boy 4014"
November 14: I attended the press conference on Thursday 11/14/13 announcing the move of the Union Pacific Big Boy 4014. The locomotive had already been moved out of the display area and was made ready for a symbolic "first move of the trip" in front of a modest crowd of press and fans.
# 3208: UP 4014 on the move - being positioned for the press conference.
# 3209: The famous "Big Boy" chalk duplicated on the smokebox front. This was supposed to have been put on by a worker at the American Locomotive Co factory and gave rise to the nickname of the locomotives.
# 3210: The guys who are making it happen - the Union Pacific Steam Team crew. Ed Dickens, Director, UP Heritage Operations, at the podium. They all said they were very happy to be in 90 degree (F) weather instead of in Cheyenne, Wyoming at the beginning of winter.
# 3211: "up close and personal". The front set of drivers of the 4014. As you can see, after the conference everyone was invited to take a closer look.
# 3212: OK, I had to put in a "vanity" shot. The sun was so bright I forgot to take off my hat. Anyway, you get the idea.
Bruce "Doc" Jones, Sierra Madre, CA

BHJ 11/14/13 Loco being positioned - 3208 BHJ 11/14/13 Big Boy on Smoke Box - 3209
BHJ 11/14/13 UP Steam Team Crew - 3210 BHJ 11/14/13 Front set of drivers - 3211 BHJ 11/14/13 Bruce Jones up front - 3212


Preparation for moving Big Boy 4014 from the Museum
November 15: Thought it would be interesting for you to see SOME of the "heavy lifting" that had to be completed before UP 4014 could be moved from THE RAIL GIANTS MUSEUM.
# 3193: The Museum runs
GENERALLY East & West and has two display tracks running West from the old Arcadia, CA station. The Station was removed from its namesake City and rebuilt at the Museum.
# 3194-3195: The "outside" display track holds ATSF 3450 (4-6-4 Hudson), two pieces of ATSF rolling stock, UP 6915 (Centennial) and ----  # 3192: UP 9000 (4-12-2)
# 3197: Naturally, UP 4014 was on the "inside track" between the Centennial and a very steep hill --- and blocked by two old steamers. A piece of panel track was placed and the two artifacts were moved Westward. In the foreground, another piece of track was placed to receive UP 4014.
# 3198: An edited Google Earth showing the Museum in the lower left and 4014's FairPlex destination in the upper left. That will be some curve getting this massive engine onto the MetroLink tracks BUT, 50 years ago, they got it into the Museum. # 3199: A ground level view of the destination --- 40 feet at a time. # 3200: Another 160 feet of 'new' panel track is delivered. # 3201: We enjoyed meeting and spending several minutes with Jim Wrinn, Editor of TRAINS MAGAZINE. He was providing narration for a 1.5 day World-Wide WEB broadcast, of the project, to subscribers of the Magazine.  GGG
GGG 11/15/13 Arcadia Station - 3193 GGG 11/15/13 AT&SF 4-6-4 # 3450 - 3194 GGG 11/15/13 outside display line - 3195
GGG 11/15/13 UP 4-12-2 # 9000 - 3196 GGG 11/15/13 Old Steamers - 3197 LA County FairPlex, Pomona , CA - 3198
GGG 11/15/13 UP Bug Boy 4014 - 3199 GGG 11/15/13 160 feet od panel track - 3200 GGG 11/15/13 Jim Wrinn, Editor Trains Mag. - 3201


First step in moving UP Big Boy 4014 from its long time display at Pomona
November 15, 2013: As most have heard, UP has "reclaimed" its Alco 4-8-8-4 "Big Boy" locomotive from the RAIL GIANTS Museum at the LA County Fair grounds in Pomona, CA.
The plan is to "leapfrog" 40 foot sections of "snap track" for the 5000 feet it will take to get the locomotive out of the Fairplex parking lot and onto Metrolink rails for the trip to UP Colton. After more inspection and work at Colton, the locomotive will be towed to Cheyenne, WY for rebuilding and a return to service --- hopefully in 2019. Obviously, the only rail way to Cheyenne, is via UP/SP up Cajon Pass to Silverwood & then BNSF to Barstow / Yermo. In Yermo, it will be all UP to Vegas and Salt Lake City, UT and then East to Wyoming. We were told that the trip will average "around" 20MPH with numerous stops for inspections an lubrication.
Today Marc & I drove to Pomona and send the attached. It was a very cloudy, cool and dark day but we persevered. It should be remembered than the engine and tender weigh 1.2 MILLION pounds and have been on stationary display since 1962. This is a huge undertaking and will be great fun to watch.
# 3160-3162: UP 4014 has been pulled backward (South) from its display position and has started a 90+ degree turn to the north toward the Metrolink tracks.
# 3163: Showing the panel track placement and leveling. The 90+ degree turn should be completed with the next move. The boiler appears out of alignment because the two sets of drivers are articulated and can track independently.
# 3164-1365: The obligatory shots of 'you know who X 2' with UP 4014. Much more to come - GGG & MF
GGG 11/15/13 Side view of this giant - 3160 GGG 11/15/13 Panel track is used to move - 3161 GGG 11/15/13 UP 4014 over the parking lot - 3162
GGG 11/15/13 toward the Metrolink tracks - 3163 GGG 11/15/13 Gary is posing in front - 3164 GGG 11/15/13 Marc is also posing - 3165
Our documentation has generated numerous questions. I think that these detailed pictures will answer many of them.
# 3202: Several have asked if the wedges and chain are necessary to prevent this engine from moving. The short answer is YES. First, The parking lot is VERY UNEVEN -- like driving around an old Drive-In Movie. The lot was built for automobiles and a derailment and the necessarily HEAVY re-railment equipment would cause great damage to the pavement. Second, Much of the Drive gear (Rods, Pistons etc) have been removed from 4014---to allow the drivers to freely move. Third, EVERYTHING has been lubricated and/or oiled on 4014.
I understand that a compressed air tank has been installed to keep the brakes applied - in addition to the chain and wedges. It would not take much to get that 1.2 Million lbs moving. The Steam Crew uses a relatively small Front-End Loader to move 4014 & the last thing they want is for the 4014 to run off the track end.
# 3203-3207: Detailed shots of the running gear and tender.  GGG
GGG 11/15/13 wedges and chains - 3202 GGG 11/15/13 left front end - 3203 GGG 11/15/13 - 3204
GGG 11/15/13 first set of drivers - 3205 GGG 11/15/13 second set of drivers - 3206 GGG 11/15/13 tender has 7 axles - 3207


Progress of moving UP 4014 to the Metrolink tracks

November 22, 2013: Butch & I drove to the LA County Fairgrounds to document the progress of moving UP 4014 to the Metrolink tracks. The UP Steam Crew has completed moving the steamer to the North end of the HUGE parking lot. The next task will be to turn the engine (while still on the tracks) for alignment with the MetroLink tracks.
# 3213: Sign left in the former display position of UP 4014. The "Little Sherman Hill" sign speaks of a short 1% grade between the 4014 display level and the higher parking lot surface. # 3214-3215: "Glamour" shots of 4014 at the North End of the parking lot. # 3216: Behind the white "X" is a hedge, a fence and the MetroLink track. UP 4014 will exit the Fairgounds through that area.
Using what the UP Steam Team calls "the poor man's turntable", the engine is being turned 90 degrees. Notice that the South end of the panel track has been moved (bent) 14 degrees to the East (toward the camera). While we were there, the 4014 was pushed to near the south end and the crew went to work moving the North end 14 degrees to the west. The engine will be moved to the North end and the south track end will be moved again. By repeating this technique, the crew is able to turn the 1.2 Million pound engine by only moving the
RELATIVELY light panel track. WHO KNEW ???
# 3217: From the Metrolink tracks outside of the Fairgrounds, the white "X" indicates where the panel track will end and from where UP 4014 will leave its 50+ year home. The Metrolink tracks will be cut, moved to the right and bolted to the UP panel track.
The plan is to drag 4014, tender first, WESTward to the UP connection at Bassett where the engine will be pulled EASTward to UP Colton on UP rail.   GGG
GGG 11/22/13 Sign of former 4014 location - 3213 GGG 11/22/13 UP 4014 resting at the . . - 3214 GGG 11/22/13 . . North end of the parking - 3215
GGG 11/22/13 "X" shows hedge of Metrolink 3216 GGG 11/22/13 "X" shows entrance of UP - 3217 GGG 11/22/13 UP still on parking lot - 3218


News November 25, 2013
"A UP employee from the steam program was saying it won't move out to West Colton until Sunday Dec 22. They are waiting for the SD40, reefer and bay window caboose so they can move them in and the 4014 out at the same time. It was to be in the middle of the night, but now local mayors, etc. want to make it a ceremony and Metrolink is going along with it for the publicity. They will detour their trains. It will stop every 20 miles or so for greasing, and be in W. Colton a fairly short time. They will tow with big road diesels front and rear, and pull the "hospital train" with parts and staff to fix it along the way. 30 mph max, and it will be a railfan zoo in Cajon, when it passes through there. Mainly they are waiting on the SD40 which is delayed being painted in Little Rock, AR."
11/25/13: In this series we see the UP 4014 Big Boy moved to the far north end of the fairground parking lot and turned 90 degrees from front facing south to front now facing east. This was accomplished by curving the track section a few degrees at a time to make the turn. The Metrolink tracks, upon which the engine will eventually reach UP rails, is just over the fence behind the engine.

# 3240: UP 4014 facing east. # 3241: UP 4014 and towing tractor. # 3242: UP 4014 will transition to the MetroLink tacks near the white "X". I hope you enjoy these photos of the progress of the move, Bruce "Doc" Jones, Sierra Madre, CA

BHJ 11/25/13 Engine facing East - 3240 BHJ 11/25/13 Tractor is towing 4014 - 3241 BHJ 11/25/13 X = MetroLink tracks - 3242


Current position of UP 4014 close to the Metrolink tracks

December 16, 2013: On this visit the crew had moved the engine as far to the east as possible as you can see. This was to make room for the trackwork which will eventually connect the "snap track" to the Metrolink trackage. I'm not sure why they moved the engine to this position. A guess is they needed all the "snap track" they could get for the connection and also to have room to construct the connecting track. As you can see from the photos, it was "tight quarters" for photos but the low light was a real treat. Hats off to the two UP Steam crew for moving the forklift from beside the engine and for inviting us (there were only three that day) to move in close. Despite the "scuttlebutt" and rumors on some forums, these are great people and very patient with us railfans. In this series I couldn't resist putting in some "detail" shots. The light was just about perfect for such work.

# 3243: UP 4014 as it sat, Dec 16, 2013. # 3244: shot from front of engine, looking toward west. # 3245: wider shot of engine before crew moved forklift for us. # 3246: the builders' plate. # 3247: main and # 3 drivers & lubricator, front engine unit. # 3248: front of engine.    Bruce "Doc" Jones, Sierra Madre, CA

BHJ 12/16/13 current position - 3243 BHJ 12/16/13 looking to the West - 3244 BHJ 12/16/13 "snap track" was used - 3245
BHJ 12/16/13 the builder's plate - 3246 BHJ 12/16/13 detail of front drivers - 3247 BHJ 12/16/13 wider shot of front drivers - 3248


News December 19, 2013

Not much new to report on UP 4014 however ---- it's really difficult to separate facts from rumors.
The following is from Doc Jones:

"I've been out to the 4014 in the last couple of days. It's a toss-up as to whether or not it's open and there seems to be no way to figure it out other than go out and take pot luck. I got lucky on Monday when one of the UP guys came up to the fence and invited us in. One of the big problems is that the Sheriff's do their high speed driver training in the big parking lot between the museum and where the engine is now. That means there's only one way in and it's not really a public gate. Right now the engine is pushed up almost against the fence at gate 15. See this link Fairplex grounds The engine moved from the upper right corner of the lot that says "Fairplex RV and boat storage" (hover the cursor around that area and it will show you where the museum is) to the far upper corner of the big parking lot where it says "gate 15". The engine is now right up against that fence while they work on constructing the lead that will eventually go out to Metrolink. There are survey stakes out to Metrolink at the spot where Gary got the photo. I hope this helps a bit and you didn't already know all this stuff. BTW, I talked to one of the UP steam crew and they said the engine would not be moving out onto Metrolink until January 26th. That will give the guys a chance to go back to Cheyenne for Christmas and to enjoy the cold and wind after 85 degree days down here."

Others on TRAIN ORDERS.COM are saying that the move from the FairGrounds will happen in mid-Janunary.
The info from Doc Jones is the latest !!!
The problem is that UP has promised the RAIL GIANTS Museum UP 3105 (SD40-2) and caboose UP 24567, as replacement displays. The 3105 was repainted at UP little Rock, AR and was last reported in Texas headed West. Everyone concerned wants to:
#1 Cut the MetroLink tracks and connect them to the 4014's panel track
#2 Pull UP 4014 out and onto the MetroLink West to the UP interchange at Bassett.
#3 Push UP 3105 & caboose East from Bassett onto the FairGound panel track.
#4 Reconnect the MetroLink track --- all with as little disruption to MetroLink as possible.
Also, according to "sources", two SD70's have been selected to pull the steamer back to Cheyenne, WY --- SD70's # 4014 & # 4884 (wheel configuration of the steamer).
So, that the latest info --- GGG & BHJ
Nothing much has happened with UP 4014 in the last two weeks. Conjecture has it that the UP Steam Team went home to Cheyenne for the Holidays, while preparations to move UP 3105 and the caboose were being finalized as were plans to cut and reposition the MetroLink tracks.
DOC JONES visited the site on 12-19-13 and sends the attached:
# 3234: Panel track being repositioned to the North (right side in picture).
# 3235-3236: UP 4014 chained and chocked to prevent unintended movement.
# 3237-3239: Three nice shots of the largest successful steam engine ever built for railroading purposes.  BHJ / GGG
BHJ 12/19/13 Panel track moving - 3234 BHJ 12/19/13 Loco is protected by . . - 3235 BHJ 12/19/13 . . chaines and chocked - 3236
BHJ 12/19/13 beautiful side view - 3237 BHJ 12/19/13 the giant is resting - 3238 BHJ 12/19/13 rear side with tender - 3239


News December 29, 2013

This series of photos shows the UP 4014 positioned correctly for the move onto Metrolink from both sides of the fence. The path of the temporary rails is shown plainly by the line of survey stakes leading to the Metrolink tracks. As you can see, the path will miss the small loading platform which is used when Metrolink services big events at the Fairplex park.

# 3249: UP 4014 - December 29, 2013. # 3250: view from the Metrolink tracks. Note line of survey stakes marking where temporary tracks will go. # 3251: wider view of 4014 showing exit gate behind tender. # 3252: the "farewell" banner placed by the Fairplex people. UP says the engine will return when it is running. # 3253: this Metrolink train is going east, away from the photographer. # 3254: a closer view of the line of survey stakes marking the path of the temporary tracks.
Bruce "Doc" Jones, Sierra Madre, CA

BHJ 12/29/13 "parked" on the parking lot - 3249 BHJ 12/29/13 view from Metrolink track  - 3250 BHJ 12/29/13 exit gate behind tender - 3251
BHJ 12/29/13 "farewell" banner - 3252 BHJ 12/29/13 Metrolink EB - 3253 BHJ 12/29/13 markings for connector - 3254


Hot News January 10 to 19, 2014
Jim Wrinn, Editor of TRAINS MGAZINE announced today, via the magazine's NEWSWIRE, that UP 4014 will begin it's move from the L.A. County Fairplex to UP West Colton on 26 January. He also said that UP 4014 will be on display, for an hour, at the Covina MetroLink station that same morning.
The trade SD40-2, a boxcar, and caboose are in position at West Colton for movement to the Fairgrounds.
According to Ed Dickens, Sr. Manager of UP Steam, the 4014 will begin it's move from West Colton to Cheyenne, WY in March 2014.    GGG
1/10/14: Below is the latest UP video concerning UP 4014 & UP 3105. Ed Dickens, senior manager - Heritage Operations explains the next steps in the project.
Click here: UP: After 52 Years, No. 4014 Poised to Return to Rails
1/19/14: From the Riverside, CA Press Enterprise:
Click here: BIG BOY: Steam engine begins journey to restoration | San Bernardino County News |
1/17/14: Here's the latest from TRAINS Magazine and the Senior Manager of UP Steam:
Click here: Trains News Wire VIDEO: Interview with Ed Dickens on moving Big Boy No. 4014 - TRAINS Magazine
1/20/14: Marc, Lois & I will leave here very early next Sunday to see 4014 in Covina and maybe to see UP 3105 move into the FairPlex in the exchange move ---- GGG


News January 23, 2014
To catch you up on UP 4014, Doc Jones sends the following taken 23 Jan 2014

On this visit I wanted to show the rail path of the UP 4014 to the Metrolink tracks. It will proceed tender-first until it reaches Union Pacific rails at Bassett, California, a distance of about 17 miles or 27 km. As I write preparations are being made to join the temporary rails from the engine's location - same as last series of photos - to the Metrolink rails. The engine is scheduled to be at the Covina Metrolink station about 03.00 hrs January 26 and to spend the hours of 07.00 - 08.00 on public display before it continues its journey to Bassett and then eastward to the Union Pacific yard at West Colton, a total distance of about 56 miles or 90 km from the fairgrounds.

# 3255: looking east toward engine with stub of temporary track near Metrolink rails. # 3256: closer view.
# 3257: looking west from end of 4014 tender along path engine will take. # 3258: closer view also looking west with both temporary track and Metrolink mainline in view. # 3259: the 4014 waits for its big night. Additional temporary track ready. This view looks east from within the fairground property. # 3260: the 4014 and crew making ready for the move.
Bruce "Doc" Jones, Sierra Madre, CA

BHJ 1/23/14 looking East - 3255 BHJ 1/23/14 close view with UP 4014 - 3256 BHJ 1/23/14 looking West - 3257
BHJ 1/23/14 closer view w/Metrolink track - 3258 BHJ 1/23/14 snap track to be used - 3259 BHJ 1/23/14 crew making loco ready - 3260


News January 25, 2014

My last photos are not "pretty" photos but are to explain to those interested how this huge task is going to be accomplished. Today is the 4014's last day on the fairground property. For those on Twitter you can go to #up4014 for the latest updates from those who are going to spend the night at the engine. UP and the Fairplex people have very graciously opened the gates to the engine's location and will keep them open all night tonight and into tomorrow when the new equipment arrives. This will be quite a task - Metrolink runs 14 trains per day on this line even on Sundays. See this link for more information from Metrolink -

# 3261: looking east toward fairground and engine. Note progress of temporary track. # 3262: looking west from inside fairground. # 3263: another view. # 3264: 4014 waits in beautiful low sunlight. # 3265: a more distant view.
3266: faithful fans view the engine in its enclosure. # 3267: the cab in low sunlight (about 16.00 hrs).
# 3268: Metrolink train westbound in "push" mode (going away from camera).
# 3269: Same train, headed toward camera (photos out of order).
Bruce "Doc" Jones, Sierra Madre, CA

BHJ 1/25/14 looking East - 3261 BHJ 1/25/14 looking West from Fairground - 3262 BHJ 1/25/14 same direction - 3263
BHJ 1/25/14 Loco in low sunlight - 3264 BHJ 1/25/14 overview of UP 4014 - 3265 BHJ 1/25/14 railfans take a closer look - 3266
BHJ 1/25/14 Cab at 4 p.m. - 3267 BHJ 1/25/14 Metrolink WB in push mode - 3268 BHJ 1/25/14 same train w/cab car - 3269


Official Union Pacific Film
Moving UP 4014 onto Metrolink tracks (3'08"):
News January 26, 2014 - Big Moving Day
Yesterday (1/26/14) was MOVING DAY for both UP 4014 and the replacement display pieces. VERY VERY early yesterday (Sunday), the MetroLink track just outside of the Fairplex North Gate was cut and attached to the UP panel track supporting UP 4014. UP/SP 1996 eased into the Fairgrounds, coupled to UP 4014 and pulled the steamer onto the MetroLink Main. Somewhere in this process, UP 4884, 10 loaded hopper cars (for added braking capacity), and a UPY (Yard) unit were added to the consist. The train was moved West to Covina, CA for a short display period.

UP 3105 (SD40-2), an insulated boxcar, and UP 24567 (CA-13 caboose) moved East and onto the panel track inside the Fairplex as replacement display pieces. And so, Lois, Marc & I drove down to Covina to join 1500+ brand new friends:

# 3270: MetroLink Announcement Board welcomes UP 4014. # 3271-3275: The two diesels and UP 4014 on display.
# 3276: UP Toolbox trailer. # 3277: Just part of the crowd.
# 3278: We returned to the Pomona Fairgrounds where MOW had reassembled & dressed the MetroLink Main and were removing the last of the panel track.
# 3279-3281: Replacement Museum items UP 3105 (SD40-2), Insulated boxcar (453665), and UPP 24567 (CA-13 caboose) are pictured. The panel track leapfrog process will again be used to position the new Museum pieces in the space vacated by UP 4014 --- a mile away.
It appears that the above very involved process was flawlessly executed. Fifty miles DOWN -- 1229 miles TO GO !!

both maps copryright 2014 by Kalmbach Publishing Co. and TRAINS: Rick Johnson (see TRAINS 2/2014 page 62-63)
GGG 1/26/14 Metrolink Station at Covina - 3270 GGG 1/26/14 UP/SP 1996 on display  - 3271 GGG 1/26/14 UP 4884 like UP 4-8-8-4 - 3272
GGG 1/26/14 UP 4014 at Covina - 3273 GGG 1/26/14 Big Boy between diesels - 3274 GGG 1/26/14 UP/SP 1996 SD70ACe - 3275
GGG 1/26/14 UP Toolbox Trailer - 3276 GGG 1/26/14 Big Railfans Crowd at Covina - 3277 GGG 1/26/14 Pomona Track removal - 3278
GGG 1/26/14 Replacement for Museum - 3279 GGG 1/26/14 UP 3105 SD40-2 - 3280 GGG 1/26/14 UP CA-13 Caboose, Boxcar - 3281


Moving UP Big Boy 4014 from Pomona to Colton
Footage by Mike Armstrong (14'54"):
Footage by Patrick McColgan - Part 1 (11'42"):
Footage by Patrick McColgan - Part 2 (10'45"):
Footage by Patrick McColgan - Part 3 (13'22"):
Footage by Michaellovestrains Productions (7'12"):
Footage by Snuffy's Cat Production (17'39"):
Photos of Rin Snuffy:
Finally, UP 4014 is leaving Pomona Fairgrounds Parking Lot at Night by Compass Productions (23'06")
"Return to the Rails"  -
News January 26, 2014
NOTE: The following is from Doc Jones. The pictures taken on Jan 26 - AFTER the consist left its public display in Covina, CA West bound for Bassett Jct. So, pictures 3290-3293 are WB from Covina to Bassett Jct on Metrolink rails.
The consist then moved onto UP rails to run EB to the W. Colton UP yard.

The engine is now at Colton, California undergoing more preparation before it starts back to Cheyenne, Wyoming and the Union Pacific Steam Shop. You will see in the photos at Bassett the UP 4884 becomes the lead locomotive for the eastbound move to Colton. That is a nice touch by UP. I'm asked why the heritage unit # 1996 was chosen as the second unit behind the 4014. My best guess is that the move from Bassett to Colton was actually done on the former SP Sunset route and that is a tip of the hat to the Southern Pacific. Nice touch, if you ask me. The 4014 will move from Colton to Daggett on rails shared with BNSF and will reach its very own rails at Daggett, California.

# 3290: the train comes westbound off the Metrolink led by SD-40N's 1596 and 1739. #3291: the "business end" of the train, WB off Metrolink. # 3292: the "star of the show" Steam crew members in the tender. # 3293: UP 4884 backing down Metrolink lead toward switch to UP rails Director of Heritage Operations Ed Dickens on the front platform of the 4014 in white hardhat. # 3294: on home rails at last. Train moves eastbound on former SP Sunset Route mainline, headed to Colton. # 3295: eastbound at Bassett. # 3296: proud UP Steam Crew members riding in the tender. # 3297: lucky folks getting a cab ride. # 3298: eastbound at Pomona. Speed about 20 mph/32 kph.
Bruce "Doc" Jones, Sierra Madre, California

BHJ 1/26/14 UP 1596-1739 WB at Bassett - 3290 BHJ 1/26/14 UP/SP 1996 SD70ACe - 3291 BHJ 1/26/14 the Star of the Show - 3292
BHJ 1/26/14 UP 4884 SD70M WB - 3293 BHJ 1/26/14 Consist on UP home rails - 3294 BHJ 1/26/14 Big Boy EB from Bassett - 3295

BHJ 1/26/14 UP steam crew members - 3296 BHJ 1/26/14 Cab ride for the lucky ones - 3297 BHJ 1/26/14 EB thru S. Pomona - 3298


News February 9, 2014
Last Sat (2/09/14), Marc & I drove down to W. Colton, where UP 4014 was on public display. A rather large crowd prevented full scale photography and so we're sending some random shots.
Several UP employees and volunteers were available to answer questions and to promote
Operation Life Saver.
No word yet on when UP 4014 will start it's trip to Cheyenne.   GGG / MF

GGG 2/09/14 Marc w/UP 4014 sign - 3284 MF 2/09/14 Gary in front of UP 4014 - 3285 GGG 2/09/14 lots of fans around - 3286
GGG 2/09/14 Cab of UP 4014 - 3287 GGG 2/09/14 "stay bolts" - 3288 MF 2/09/14 Operation Life Saver - 3289


News February 16, 2014
Unique Drone View of UP 4014 at West Colton by D. Lancaster:


News February 22, 2014
Doc Jones sends more of the "BIG BOY" / UP 3105 project. As, I'm sure you remember, the UPRR "reclaimed" the UP 4014 from the RAIL GIANTS museum situated at the L. A. County Fairgrounds in Pomona, CA. In exchange, the railroad promised the museum an SD40-2, a boxcar and a caboose.
# 3299-3300: The jointbars illustrate where the Metrolink mainline (on the right) was cut, moved to the left, connected to the panel track and, after the two locomotive moves, repaired.
# 3301: The exchange equipment arrived at the Fairgrounds on the same night the 4014 was moved to Covina , and placed inside the Fairground fence.
# 3302-3303: The National Hot Rod Association Winter Nationals Drag Races were scheduled for the next weekend and so the 3105 was moved back outside of Fairground fence.
# 3304-3306: After the races, the UP Steam Crew started the process of "leapfroging" the panel track and moving the UP 3105 the one mile to the museum. Since the SD40-2 is much more flexible and of a much shorter wheelbase than the 4014, the panel track did not need to be "perfectly" level & aligned - as was needed during the 4014 move. Also, the crew was able to move UP 3105 under its own power.
# 3307: On 22 Feb, UP 3105, the boxcar and the caboose were moved onto the display track recently vacated by UP 4014.
"best info" says that the BIG move to Cheyenne SHOULD happen in April ????   -   BHJ / GGG

BHJ 2/22/14 Metrolink mainline - 3299 BHJ 2/22/14 here, the main was cut - 3300 BHJ 2/22/14 UP 3105, Box and Caboose - 3301
BHJ 2/22/14 the set was moved again . . - 3302 BHJ 2/22/14 . . because of Drag Race - 3303 BHJ 2/22/14 panel tracks are put together . - 3304
BHJ 2/22/14 for moving the set toward . . - 3305 BHJ 2/22/14 . . the museum - 3306 BHJ 2/22/14 final connection for display - 3307


News April 11, 2014
Finally, from the UP Steam Locomotive Tracking Web Site, here is the OFFICAL schedule for the UP 4014 move to Cheyenne, WY. The "BIG TRANSFER" will start on Monday, April 28.
Direct Link Timetable:


News April 22, 2014
April 22: The Big Boy will be departing West Colton on the start of its 8 day journey to Cheyenne on Monday morning April 28th, 2014 at 08.00 h. Of course it will not be going alone so Union Pacific brought out a special hospital train to escort the Big Boy back to Cheyenne. Below are a few photographs of the hospital train making its way west towards West Colton. The first two were taken between Martinez Spur and Lugo on the eastern slope of Cajon Pass and the third from Stein's Hill.
# 4056: Union Pacific SD70Ms 4014 and 4884 will be the power for the Big Boy move starting on Monday. Both units were cleaned up nicely in Cheyenne, WY before departing with the 5 car special for Southern California. Emerging from behind a eastbound BNSF intermodal train the hospital train was running on the blocks of a heavy westbound up ahead.
# 4057: Close up of UP SD70M 4014, looking nice and clean being 14 years old.
# 4058: UP 4014 WB at Stein's Hill   -   all photos by Ryan Slaton
RS 4/22/14 UP 4014 & 4884 - 4056 RS 4/22/14 UP 4014 = EMD SD70M  - 4057 RS 4/22/14 UP Special at Stein's Hill - 4058


News April 28, 2014
On 28 April, the Union Pacific RR moved the "Big Boy" from UP Colton to UP Yermo. Railfans and the curious were EVERYWHERE with, at least, 1000 folks crowded into the small BNSF Yard in Victorville. Motive power was provided by UP SD70M's 4014 & 4884.
I asked several members of our Cajon Mafia to get images from different locations so that we could provide our world-wide members with full documentation of the move. There will be a total of 24 images.

Special Thanks to our photographers:

DET = Don Toles / BHJ = Doc Jones / KAS = Keith Schreiber / RS = Ryan Slaton / KHJ = Karl Joost
BF = Butch Fahnestock / GGG = Gary Gray

# 3314-3315:
GGG The "Hospital Train" leaves UP Colton. # 3316-3317: RS EB from above the Blue Cut area.
# 3318:
BHJ EB From Hill 582. # 3319-3320: DET EB From Hill 582. # 3321-3322: KAS From Pipeline Hill (approx MP 57).
# 3323:
GGG WSI - about to be Photobombed by a Westbound. # 3324: RS Cajon Summit.
# 3325-3326:
GGG Upper Mojave Narrows (approx MP 37- W. Frost).
# 3327:
BF Upper Mojave Narrows (approx MP 37- W. Frost). # 3328: GGG Pulling into Victorville -- note the crowd.
# 3329:
KHJ EB at MP 20 (Toles Towers). # 3330: GGG EB at MP 19. # 3331: GGG W. Barstow. # 3332: BHJ W. Barstow.
# 3333:
GGG EB at Daggett. # 3334: BHJ From EB on BNSF to NB on UP. # 3335-3336: GGG Heading into Yermo.
# 3337:
BHJ UPP 4014 on display in Yermo. Hope you have enjoyed the work of our photographers  -  GGG
GGG 4/28/14 UP 4014 leaving Colton Yard - 3314 GGG 4/28/14 UP 4014 leaving Colton Yard - 3315 RS 4/28/14 UP 4014 EB at Blue Cut Area - 3316
RS 4/28/14 UP 4014 above Blue Cut - 3317 BHJ 4/28/14 UP 4014 EB from Hill 582 - 3318 DET 4/28/14 UP 4014 w/crowded Hill 582 - 3319
DET 4/28/14 UP & US Flags are saluting - 3320 KAS 4/28/14 from Pipeline Hill MP 57 - 3321 KAS 4/28/14 from Pipeline Hill MP 57 - 3322
GGG 4/28/14 UP 4014 at WSI/Silverwood - 3323 RS 4/28/14 UP 4014 below Silverwood - 3366 RS 4/28/14 UP 4014 EB at Cajon Summit - 3324
GGG 4/28/14 Mojave Narrows MP 37 - 3325 GGG 4/28/14 UP 4014 close up - 3326 BF 4/28/14 Mojave Narrows MP 37 - 3327
GGG 4/28/14 pulling into Victorville - 3328 RS 4/28/14 UP 4014 East of Victorville - 3367 KHJ 4/28/14 UP 4014 EB at MP 20 - 3329
GGG 4/28/14 UP 4014 EB at MP 19 - 3330 GGG 4/28/14 UP 4014 EB at W. Barstow - 3331 BHJ 4/28/14 UP 4014 EB at W. Barstow - 3332
RS 4/28/14 UP 4014 leaving Barstow - 3368 GGG 4/28/14 UP 4014 EB at Daggett - 3333 BHJ 4/28/14 from EB on BNSF to NB on UP - 3334
GGG 4/28/14 UP 4014 heading into Yermo - 3335 GGG 4/28/14 UP 4014 heading into Yermo - 3336 BHJ 4/28/14 UP 4014 on display in Yermo - 3337


Film News April 28, 2014 (updated 5/05/2014)
The UP 4014 Project - Departing Colton, April 28, 2014 (51"):
Big Boy 4014 Steam Train: Headin' Home Tour by Mike Armstrong (13'12"):
Big Boy in Victorville by Victor Valley News (5'24"):
Chasing Big Boy over Cajon by Surfliner462 (5'26"):
Big Boy passing Summit Cut by David Nelson (3'18"):
Big Boy passing Mormon Rocks by David Tchakirides (1'36"):
Big Boy returning home, Colton-Yermo by Austion Goodwin (27'23"):
Chasing Big Boy over Caion by Socal Railfanner (20'35"):
UP 4014 Cajon to Barstow by BNSF 7771 (16'49"):
Big Boy farewell California by Snuffy's Cat production (16'38"):
UP 4014 by Railfan Junction, Zachary Larsen (1h11'62):
Heading Home San Bernardino - Las Vegas by rmssch89 (8'52"):
Chasing Big Boy 4014 by Dicks Vicks 2011 (26'19"):
Big Boy passing Alray by Multitech (1'25"):
Big Boy passing Sullivans Curve by Nate Servantes (1'33"):
UP 4014 across the High Desert by Patrick McColgan (13'18"):


News April 29, 2014 (updated 5/07/2014)
April 29: Ryan Slaton sends these 12 photos of UP 4014, UPP 4014 & UP 4884 EB from Yermo to Cima Summit
(UP's Cima Sub / LA & SL).
# 3338-3339: EB at Harvard Rd -- about 15 miles North of Yermo, CA.
# 3340-3344: UP trains and UPP 4014 through the rugged and beautiful Afton Cyn.
# 3345: UP 4014 takes the siding for a WB at Basin Rd -- East end of Afton Cyn. # 3346-3347: UPP 4014 at Cima Summit.
# 3348-3349: UPP 4014 at Primm, NV -- having just crossed the CA/ NV border.   Ryan Slaton photography (thank you)
RS 4/29/14 UP 4014 EB at Harvard Rd - 3338 RS 4/29/14 UP 4014 EB at Harvard Rd - 3339 RS 4/29/14 UP Freight in Afton Canyon - 3340
RS 4/29/14 UP Freight in Afton Canyon - 3341 RS 4/29/14 UP 4014 in Afton Canyon - 3342 RS 4/29/14 UP Freight in Afton Canyon - 3343
RS 4/29/14 UP 4014 in Afton Canyon - 3344 RS 4/29/14 UP 4014 at Basin Rd Siding - 3345 RS 4/29/14 UP 4014 at Kelso - 3360
RS 4/29/14 UP 4014 Tender at Kelso - 3361 RS 4/29/14 UP 5616 at Dawes - 3362 RS 4/29/14 UP 4014 at Cima Summit - 3346
RS 4/29/14 UP 4014 at Cima Summit - 3347 RS 4/29/14 UP 4014 arriving at Nipton - 3363 RS 4/29/14 Crew Change at Nipton - 3364
RS 4/29/14 UP 4014 at Primm, NV - 3348 RS 4/29/14 UP 4014 at Primm, NV - 3349


Film News May 4, 2014 (updated 5/07/2014)
Big Boy going home by Toy Man Television (9'50"):
UP 4014 at Ogden, UT - awesome aerial shots (1'51"):


News May 6-8, 2014 (updated 5/09/2014)
May 6: Rolf Stumpf, Germany, was taking videos and photos of the Big Boy transfer between Ogden and Cheyenne.
RST 5/06/14 - UP 4014 at Morgan, UT - 3350 RST 5/06/14 - UP 4014 at Millis, UT - 3351 RST 5/06/14 - UP 4014 Echo Canyon, UT - 3352
RST 5/07/14 - UP 4014 at Wamsutter, WY - 3353 RST 5/07/14 - UP 4014 near Hanna, WY - 3354 RST 5/07/14 - UP 4014 at Medicine Bow - 3355
RST 5/07/14 - UP 4014 at Laramie, WY - 3357 RST 5/07/14 - UP 4014 at Laramie, WY - 3358 RST 5/08/14 - UP 4014 at Dale, WY - 3359
RST 5/07/14 - UP 4014 before Laramie, WY - 3356  /  All photos copyright by Rolf Stumpf (thank you)
Mr. Stumpf will produce a movie about the Big Boy Transfer. Just check his web site later -


Film News May 7 and 8, 2014
UP 4014 Down Sherman Hill by Skip Weythman (20'12"):
UP 4014 at Laramie by Skip Weythman (20'58"):
UP 4014 Across Wyoming Part 1 by Skip Weythman (20'01"):
UP 4014 Across Wyoming Part 2 by Skip Weythman (20'01"):
UP 4014 Across Wyoming Part 3 by Skip Weythman (20'01"):
UP 4014 Arrives in Cheyenne by Skip Weythman (20'30"):
Union Pacific Steam Shop 4014 & 844 by Skip Weythman (13'10"):


News August 11, 2016 (Official UP Infos about the Restoration)
UP Inside Track:

Bonus Photos

Take a look at the "Rail Giants" Museum's Locos on Display in July 2008
I (Werner Meer) visitted this museum during the layout tours of the 2008 NMRA Convention held at Anaheim, CA.
WM - Museum's Gift Shop (Arcadia Depot) - 3167 WM - UP 4-8-8-4 Big Boy 4014 - 3166 WM - UP 4-8-8-4 Big Boy 4014 - 3168
WM - UP 4-12-2 # 9000 - 3169 UP 4-12-2 just another Giant for UP only - 3170 UP 4-12-2 # 9000 - 3171
WM - UP 4-12-2 # 9000 - 3172 UP 4-12-2 # 9000 - 3173 Outer Harbor Terminal Rwy 0-6-0 # 2 - 3174
WM - SP 4-10-2 # 5021 - 3175 SP 4-10-2 # 5021 - 3176 SP 4-10-2 # 5021 - 3177
WM - SP 4-10-2 # 5021 - 3178 AT&SF 4-6-4 # 3450 - 3179 AT&SF 4-6-4 # 3450 - 3180
welcome to the Rail Giants museum - 3181 endless walkway on DDA40X - 3182 huge UP herald on the side - 3183
WM - UP EMD DDA40X # 6915 - 3184 little boy and big engine - 3185 UP Centennial # 6915 - 3186
WM - we will enter the cab - 3187 here you can control 6600 HP - 3188 first wide cabs built in 1969 - 3189
8 axles, 2 engines, lenght 98 ft (30 m) - 3190 height over all 16 ft 4" (5 m) - 3191 AT&SF Caboose reflects the end of the visit - 3192
Official Website of the Rail Giants Train Museum:

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